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Missing features in Pakistan


Missing features in Pakistan

Just got Spotify Premium in Pakistan and here is a list of the features that are missing in the app (Android):


1. No podcasts: The podcast section is simply missing in the app.

2. No lyrics: You can not swipe up on a playing song at all, so there is no lyrics card or artist message card.

3. No Artist feeds: On the home page, right next to the settings icon, the thunderbolt icon which takes you to the artist feed page is missing.


Would really appreciate if Spotify Pakistan could provide a timeline on the missing features. Great to have you here!

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I'm sorry to say but this isn't really a solution

11 December 2022 , Podcast feature still isn't available in Pakistan, Spotify please do something it's been 2 years or so since Spotify first launched in Pakistan...

Still no podcasts 😔

I have paying for the subscription for a year, and podcasts are still missing. I waited for so long to see if you solve the problem. Guess I have to adopt the VPN way. The problem with this is I'll get recommendations that I don't want, I wonder why you are slowing things down with this. With podcast and other features, Pakistan could be one the biggest market. 

PODCASTS still missing…

Few good music are greyed out(NOT AVAILABLE) in Pakistan..


Podcasts still not available in Pakistan  - please add Spotify!!!

Dear Spotify Team,

Waiting for podcast options to be available in Pakistan.


Still waiting for Spotify to allow access to podcasts in Pakistan.... It's 2023 and this is a really basic feature guys.... 

Please like please add the podcast and audiobook option for the pakistani people... its 2024 and we still don't have these two why should I get premium if the only benefit I can get from is ad free music... this is such a scam we have been hearing that podcasts and audio books will be added soon from I don't know how Freaking long.. kindly fix it... i mean do you think that only people other than Pakistanis love reading and listening to podcasts no we love it to kindly update your useless app.. iam not gonna pay for only ad free music

it’s 2024.. of april. still no damn podcasts. why??? it has been 2 years since we got LYRICS. and we still do not have podcasts, it’s even worse for people who pay for the app.

Well, waiting for these features. Any updates?

Pakistan market has already grown, new features should be released to give it a boost.

It's May of 2024, and yet we haven't received Podcast and Canvas in Pakistan? Why Spotify why? Should we start cancelling our subscriptions?

We need podcasts on spotify pakistan, we would love to pay for that.

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