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Payment for student discount successfully deducted from my card but my account is still not premium

Payment for student discount successfully deducted from my card but my account is still not premium


Student Premium





Operating System

macOs 10.15.3


My Question or Issue:


I applied for student account on Spotify. I was verified successfully. When I was on payment page, I entered my card detail and clicked on pay. I also entered otp for transaction. Rs. 59 Deducted from my bank account but Spotify says that transaction failed. Now it is not showing premium account on my page and I still haven't got any refund. 


(Attached screenshot of deducted payment)
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Hello @rahulgajjar


Thank you for reaching out here in the Community!

There's an ongoing issue regarding payments not going through or Premium plan not activating for subscribers in India. 

Please, make sure to add your +VOTE there and subscribe to the topic. That way you'll be notified with all the future updates on that case. 


Also, I'd recommend deleting the screenshot, there's some sensitive info displayed. 


Have a great day! 

The ongoing issue is from 2018. I haven't found any solution on that thread. Nor any information on the status of the issue has given. If that person hasn't found the solution after 2 years, how do you expect that I will find a solution if I upvote that topic?


I am using Spotify for the first time after a friend recommended me. This is serious issue regarding the service. Even after paying for the premium I am not getting proper help or any way to find a help. There isn't any option to ask for help on mail. I hope I get my money back

Hi @rahulgajjar


Thanks for your reply!


On my end, it shows that the Ongoing Issue was created 3 weeks ago. 

However, there might be some older threads merged in the replies to keep them all in one place. That way it's easier to update all the people experiencing this and it's easier to investigate the case by the right team.

ongoing issue.jpg


It's currently investigated and all the updates will be posted in the Ongoing Issue as soon as there are any. 


If you'd like to contact customer support about this, you can find the contact form here


I hope you'll find this helpful! 

I think both of our issue look similar but not the same, on my end after the payment was failed the amount was deducted from my bank. I don't know if I should try again. Until I find any solution I would not be able to use Spotify premium. As of now I haven't got any refund. Even if it is a small amount and I could forget about it, the issue is not about the money, the issue is about would I ever get to use Spotify or not

Hello @rahulgajjar


Thanks for getting back to me!


In the ongoing issue there are both issues merged together - the payment for Premium failing and Premium not activating even thought the amount was deducted. 


If it comes to refunds, I'd recommend reaching out to customer support and they will be happy to offer you further help on that and your subscription. The contact form is linked in my previous response. 


Let me know if you have any questions! 

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