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Premium and country blocked content (VPN)

Premium and country blocked content (VPN)






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Hi all,


So this will be a two fold question.

Part 1: If I go abroad with my Premium account, is available content determined by location or by account country? If by account, any way to manually change it temporarily?

Details: I've been Premium for some time now (3 or 4 years) and reside in Canada. However, I travel a lot for work - or at least I did before March, but will likely start traveling again eventually, and noticed something odd with non-available songs (greyed out). I've never had an issue with using my account in a different country since I'm Premium, but I always had one or two songs that were greyed out from published playlists.

This happens sometimes in Canada due to contracts and whatnot, but I noticed the same songs were greyed out in other countries as well. At one or two at a time I just figured I wasn't in the right country at the right time and moved on. But then one day I had four entire albums get greyed from my library. I'm not sure why but I was in Canada at the time. But when I traveled to the US, the songs were still greyed out! No way the US has blocked content! So I created a free account and presto! Those songs were available! So now I'm thinking content is determined not by my actual physical location, but by the country assigned to my account? I really want those songs back and I'd download them for offline...


Part 2: I reproduced the scenario behind a VPN, with the same results. Can a premium account get another country's content by using a VPN?

Now I know the official stance on VPN by Spotify is they are not supported, but it seems a tad unfair that I can VPN in my dupe account from the US and get those songs, while I can't do the same with my Premium account. Does anyone know of a way to make this happen?


Again, I wouldn't care for one or two songs, but for entire collections I'm getting a bit ticked off. The VPN would seem like a good compromise given I PAY for my premium account, but I'm pretty sure it will require some elbow grease.



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Hey @Pixlplague 


Your content will be determined by your account's country of registration, which has to be the same with your payment method.


Hope it helps. 🙂

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