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Hello. I was trying to get the student premium and it did not work. I live in Norway and i am a student at a school called Rødde Folkehøgskule, I think it's not registered as a valid school. I thought my visa was not charged. So i thought nothing of it and just tried to make a normal account and that did not work either. Just to be shure i had money I checked my bank account. I did have the money to pay for it, but when i checked my bank account, it had already been charged for the student premium earlier. This is really anoying, i still do not have premium. And i still get charged money for it.

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Hello there,

issues like this tend to happen and one of the main reasons tends to be because of account duplication. One way to see if you are paying on behalf of a second account is to check the email in which the spotify premium account receipt has been given to you. From finding the receipt login using that email address and see if that specified account has premium.


let me know how it goes. Don't hesitate to give a kudos or to reply further if the issue persists.


Thank you

 shaf-4 I only made one account. So i know that i do not have a second account.

well sorry to hear that, i believe what you should be is maybe cancel any spotify payments via your card company and to speak to the helpdesk about receiving a refund on the amount you have lost (this will depend on circumstances etc.)


hope this helps!

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