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Problem with subscriptions

Problem with subscriptions

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I have problem with my log in. Every time when I log in to family, my spotify show:

You cannot join this subscription You can only add someone else to your Premium subscription once every 12 months. Do you still intend to change your subscription? We will help you find another Premium subscription that suits you.


Before this I had spotify duo, but now I fined it and I want spotify Family with my friends.

What should I do with it?



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Hi there!

I believe the reason why everytime you try to switch to a family plan, a message shows up is because you can only change plant every 12 monhs, starting from when you left the plan, as in this article here.


So, that means you have to wait a year, to use Premium Family on your account. 


I don't mean to be in your business, but I don't think you should use the Family plan with your friends, the sole purpose is for family members up to six, who live in the same address. I remember reading a post about someone admitting they used the Family Plan with their friends, and a Moderator commented that if the friends don't live together, it automatically removes the plan or something.  


Hope this helps!

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