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Problem with upgrading to Family Premium

Problem with upgrading to Family Premium






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I bought a 6 months subscriptions with a 60€ card from Spotify itself that I bought in the shop, that I activated on I want to upgrade to Family Premium, while the Q/A says you can convert the Premium time remaining to Family Premium time, it doesn't allow me to do so because it's asking for a payment method, credit card or paypal, while there is a reason I bought it originally with a shop card. I don't have paypal and I don't want to use my credit card.


Does anyone know if this is just a way for spotify to save my payment details and it won't actually charge me again, or will it actually charge me again?


Thank you 

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Hey there @bl34h,


Thanks for reaching out! 


Try the following:


  1. Subscribe to Premium Family with a recurring payment method. 
  2. Cancel your subscription immediately after successfully updating your payment method.

This way you will subscribe to Premium Family without getting charged after the gift card Premium time has ended. Plus, after you cancel, your payment details are removed from our system.


We hope this helps! 

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