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Problems with payment

Problems with payment

So I had a Spotify family since December, however when mays payment on the 1st came my PayPal account did not have enough funds. I topped up the amount to the PayPal but instead of paying for Spotify family it bought a 1 month recurring for S$9.90.This led to my Spotify family disbanding.

As of now I have recreated the Spotify family but can my payment for the 1 month(S$9.90) be waived as I never intended to purchase it?

Also is it possible for a more private way to get support?

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Hey @lczR, welcome to the community!


If your account went back to the regular Premium and you upgrade it to the Family plan again, you won't be charged twice. The month of Premium you paid for is pro-rated to the Family plan, meaning your next payment will move forward a few days.


You can find all the options to contact Spotify here.


All the best.

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