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Romania users are not allowed to pay with PayPal™

Romania users are not allowed to pay with PayPal™

Plan Premium (Free For Now)

Country Romania (Turda, Cluj County)

Devices Samsung S7 Edge (2016), Samsung A40 (2019), ASUS Desktop PC (2014+)

Operating System Android 8, Android 9, Windows 10


My Question or Issue

I just wanted to buy premium and I am not allowed to pay with PayPal™.

I changed my location to Hungary and it shown me a selector to choose between a Credit Card and a PayPal™ account. Same for Bulgaria.

After I accepted the PayPal™ payment it just said that my PayPal™ account has a different country from the one I selected at Spotify (Bulgaria & Hungary).

I am from Romania and I live here.

I am so upset we are not allowed to pay with PayPal™.

I am using PayPal™ for my Netflix account.

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Hi @HttrckCldHKS,

thanks for reaching out about this.


For a Spotify Premium account of any sort to be activated, the user is asked to provide his country of origin and a payment method that fits the same country.


Unfortunately, PayPal isn't one of the available payment method in you country at the moment.

To view all payment option you can use, please visit this help page.


Furthermore, if this is something you want to suggest, you can always visit the "Ideas" section of the community and post your suggestion there.

In order to learn how to do so, please visit this help.


I will also add, that Spotify takes it's users opinion very seriously.

If you having any questions on how your feedback reaches the Spotify factors, you're more than welcome to read all about it here.


Hope this helps 🙂

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