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Subscription information is too basic





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 Firstly, this is my 3rd time to renew my subscription, just like the previous 2 years, I received no notification that my account was about to expire (i pay yearly) and only found out after several attempts to login on my phone failed.  No advance notice and no message on the app, simply the inability to login, how is that right?


That issue aside, I then went to renew my premium subscription and for some reason (I'm sure my own carelessness) paid for a month instead of a year. I went back to then pay for the year and managed to get it right the second time. 

So now I have been billed for a month and then a year, but looking over the invoices and subscription information in the account I am unable to see how the month has been allocated if at all and only see the end date of my subscription which is a year away of course, so I am not sure if the month was also allocated. Is there any way to actually check if the monthly payment has been added to my account?

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Regarding the "any way to actually check if the monthly payment has been added to my account?" I am not quite sure, to be honest. I would assume it stops if you get a year subscription, but I'm just guessing. For the lack of notifications, I would suggest adding a notification into your calendar/planner to remind yourself. I don't usually trust that I will get a reminder with any service, so I put it into my calender manually. 

I hope this helps! 

- Emily

I also assume it stops (again, no way to know because the information is incomplete), but even if it does stop, I have been charged for it, so I want to know if that has been added to as an extra month or if I need to get a refund. The point is that it's not clear and its kind of annoying that I can not even ask for support, I have to hope someone in the community can help.


As for the reminder, come on, set my own reminder? I have so many subscriptions for different services and honestly, this is the only one that doesn't send a reminder. This is not a huge technical challenge or something uncommon, its super basic its strange there isn't an option for this. 


Have you tried contacting support already?

I am not sure why you wouldn't of gotten a notification, so I was just trying to come up with a temporary solution until it was fixed 🙂 When my Spotify expired, I got an email. 

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