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Subscription not coming thrue after paying.

Subscription not coming thrue after paying.




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Hello, I paid for the 3 months for 1 euro thingy and didnt get it after waiting for 1 hour i made another account and tried again didnt get premium on there too after succesfully paying why is this? and how can i fix this? because i did pay for it..

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Hey @SjoukeL ,


Welcome to the Community! Sorry to hear you're having trouble to rock your Premium subscription...


I recommend you to check out this article and make sure you follow all of its steps.


Let me know how you get on 🙂

Already checked that article earlier and followed the steps didnt work unfortunately 😞

Can you please go to your subscription page   and tell me the status of your subscription?


As you mentioned, you created a second account and tried to buy a subscription there too? Can you check your card and make sure if the payment went through or not?


There's also a possibility that you might have accidentally activated your premium subscription on another account that you're not logged into right now, I recommend you to check out this article too.


Thanks 🙂


Hello, I checked my subscription page on both accounts its saying im on an free spotify account, i checked my bank both payments went thrue and also i checked the emails i got after the payment and the usernames in the mails match the ones from the 2 accounts so it isnt any of this, however i contacted spotifycares (spotify their help service on twitter) and they say they are working on the case atm so i think the only option i have right now is to wait on that and hope it can be solved because i did pay for it and id really like it if i can just get my subscription.. ty anyway for the comment tho and lets hope for the best..

Alright, @SjoukeL . Don't worry, they can take a deeper look into your case and fix it for you! 🙂 Let me know if you have any more questions.

Is the spotifycares twitter an automated bot or something? i ask an normal sirieus question about this issue im still having and i keep getting the same replies...

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