Two accounts help!


Two accounts help!


Somehow we have managed to buy and pay for two subscriptions for a few months now. We have a family premium, and a normal premium, with two different account numbers.

I have come back from Uni and we have now noticed the problem. My family are listing to the normal account, so they can't all listen to their music at the same time, I presume as they have been having trouble with this. This means I am listening to the family account on my own. 

Therefore, we need to all switch to my account, the family premium, without losing any of our playlists.

Please help us switch, move all the playlists and close the single premium account.

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Hey @guyallwood, welcome to the Community!


Keep in mind that each member of your plan needs to have their own account set up. Once that's taken care of, send them invitations to your plan following these steps.


Any account that's on Premium when accepting the invite will have their remaining Premium time reinstated should they ever choose to leave the plan. This means that they shouldn't get charged again for their individual subscription after joining your plan.


Hope that helps clear things up a bit 🙂