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Unable to pay for my subscription.

Unable to pay for my subscription.

I work and live in Mainland China (Where Spotify isn't officially available), so I have a Hong kong Spotify account. is there a way to for me to pay for Spotify premium?  All my other subscription services works perfectly with my credit card, my Adobe Creative Cloud subscription is also in HongKong and it works perfectly. I don't understand why Spotify doesn't accept payment from China. Appreciated deeply if anyone could help out here.  Thanks.

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Hey, @bidecui 
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You can only pay for a Premium subscription using a payment method issued in the same country or region your account is set. In this case, the most recommendable is that you a payment method available for Hong Kong market and then you ara gonna be able to enjoy the Premium benefits wherever you are.


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It is very strange that Spotify needs a credit card that matches the location in which the account is currently in to make a payment to use the premium feature. All my other online services don't require such a thing, not even Adobe. Is it because is music content or Is this a Spotify-only problem? I feel like there are opportunities here, simply the fact that Hong Kong is part of China, and accepting payment from China Mainland will increase profit. People like-minded love how smart Spotify is when comes to music recommendations. So why not open up?  I wish to learn more about this location matching credit card issue, please share more with me. Thanks.

Hey @bidecui!


Thanks for the question!


Spotify requires a payment method issued in the same country as the one registered on the account to be able to verify your location. The content we have in the app varies from region to region depending on the rightsholders and licensing, and it's important that we keep up our agreements with the music providers. 


Hope this info helps!

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