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Unlinked Facebook account and lost student premium

Unlinked Facebook account and lost student premium


Plan: Student Premium

Country: America


Device: iPhone 7 plus

Operating System: ios 11.4.1


My Question or Issue: 

I originally signed up with my facebook account, which has the student premium. 
I just created a Spotify account with my school email and linked my facebook account to that Spotify account. 
Once I linked my facebook account to my Spotify account, I found out that my student premium is gone. 
I then proceed to unlink my facebook account to the school email account, hoping that if I log back into my facebook account, I would get my student premium back. 
All of the above actions were done via my laptop. 
I then went on my phone and used the Spotify app, which is still logged in with my facebook account. 
I realized that everything is deleted, and I no longer have access to my student premium. 
Is there any way that I can get my student premium account and all my downloaded songs and followed artists back on my facebook account? 


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Hey @sundate520,


No worries, we're here to help. If you pay for Premium but can't use your Premium features, could you try following the steps on this page? They should help 🙂


Let us know how you get on. We'll be here! 

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