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How can I do to migrate from premium spotify account to family spotify account?...do I really need to cancel my premium Spotify account? to upgrade ??? Thanks

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Hi Aahbru and welcome! 🙂

There will be no need to cancel your current premium unless you signed up with a different provider than Spotify.

This helpful support guide will walk you through all the common questions and how to setup your Family account. I have also copied the initial setup link below.

Have a good one! 🙂


You can start or join a Premium for Family plan with an existing account. All of your account details will remain the same, including any saved music, playlists, and followers.

If you’re already subscribed to Premium when accepting an invite, all subsequent payments on your account are made by the plan owner.

Note: If you subscribed to Premium through another company (e.g. your mobile/broadband provider or iTunes), you need to cancel your subscription with them before starting or joining a Family plan.