Visa Gift Card not working for Preminum!


Visa Gift Card not working for Preminum!





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 Hello, so for Christmas my Grandma gave me a $50 prepaid gift card from Visa, and I decided to use it to get Spotify Premnium. However, when I inputted all of the details, it said it didn't work. It said it was compatible but I don't know the problem. One of the solutions was to enable foriegn purchases on the card, but the Visa website wouldn't let me do it. Can someone help me?

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Re: Visa Gift Card not working for Preminum!

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Hey @MyNameIsSpectre thanks for reaching out to the community,


I would first start by suggesting to make sure you have sufficient funds on the card, so make sure you check that all $50 is on there. Next, if it is there makes sure that you are not purchasing it for 1 year ($ 119.99) and that your purchasing an amount that fits your total funds. Let me know if the problem persists. 🙂