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Why do I hear adverts with a premium membership?

Why do I hear adverts with a premium membership?

Hi there,

  • I've been paying a subscription for years and now I suddenly started hearing adverts on Spotify. Why?






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Hey @Stefanobs,


Thanks for posting in the Community.


First we need to discern if you're getting ads while listening to music or while listening to podcasts. Which one is the case?


If it is with podcasts, this is not due to you having or not having a Premium subscription, but to the podcast creators choosing to monetize their podcasts via short advertisement breaks. We don't have any influence on the choice of ad placement in podcasts.


If you're getting ads while listening to music, you'd have to check if you're not mistakenly logged in on a different account without a Premium subscription. Here is how to find out if you have multiple accounts.


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Im listening to podcasts, but its not the usual adverts that they do because it shows as a separate track and the skip track button is grayed out.

I am a premium subscriber since years and today I suddenly got a commercial in the middle of a regular song ie not during a podcast. I have checked and I do not have multiple accounts but am logged into my premium account. What is wrong?

Yes, many of these ads cannot be skipped anymore so are clearly under Spotify's control. Besides which, it should be possible to get a subscription that eliminates all ads, including the podcasters'.

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