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Yearly Subscriptions

Yearly Subscriptions

Instead of pocketing out $10 every month, make a simpler plan by providing yearly subscribtions of $120 so people like me dont have to worry if they got the funds to pay for it or not every month.


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Hey there @greyshirt616 !


Unfortunately that is not an available feature in Spotify. You can create an idea about this in the ideas board in community and if it catches enough attention, it may be added to the app in the future. Here is the link to the ideas board:


Hope this helps 🙂

I agree. I've paid you yearly every year since I've been a spotify member. I did so around this time last year. I realized that it was time to pay for another yearly subscription (I don't think it was discounted either) and now the option is no longer available.


I am highly annoyed. A certain segment of your customer base doesn't want to pay monthly. We want to pay yearly EVEN IF there is not discount. 


This is a huge inconvenience and I am HIGHLY annoyed.

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