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grad student discount



I have been a Spotify user for the last seven years and think it's the top music streaming platform out there; however, I am feeling super let down by Spotify's student discount limitations. I understand that opening up a student discount and coupling it with Hulu and Showtime increased their numbers significantly, especially among the 18-22 age group. This likely increases the amount of users who will pay for full premium after their years in undergrad. 

I get it - it's a huge PR move and has gained a lot of users. BUT there are some students who keep going to school after four years. Not even the victory laps but grad school, med school, law school, etc. In grad school, students have even less money than in undergrad and continue to take out terrifying amounts of debt to further their education. Why on earth can the student discount not extend to grad students (even if they already used the discount for 4 years)???? 

Now, extending the discount to grad students would not really gain a lot of users because the people who would use it have already been subscribing to premium. From a money standpoint, sure it's better to squeeze as much money out of subscribers as possible because that's business. I would, however, just like to bring up the point that us grad students are really poor and don't constitute a huge population. It would be really great for us if there could at least be some sort of conversation about extending the student discount. Even though it wouldn't really be a strategic move to make more money, it in all likelihood wouldn't cause Spotify to lose significant money anyways. This would show that Spotify actually cares about its users and wants to support users who are pursuing further education. 

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Hey @katieemcculloug, thanks for reaching out to the Community!

I'm afraid this isn't possible at the moment, but I could see how this can be useful. You can always create a new Idea about this here, and I'll also pass your feedback on to the right folks.


For your reference, here is some more information on how Premium Student works. 

I'll be here if you need anything else!

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