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it won’t accept my card ??

it won’t accept my card ??

So I had premium . I got a new MasterCard sent to me since mine expired . Then my premium went away . I have activated it and talked to my credit card company 3 times now . It works on other sites/companies that I am subscribed to . Everytime I enter my card details to get my premium back an error message says that there’s a problem with my card ... I have logged out , cleared my browser , tried on my phone , laptop , and NOTHING is working . I just want my music back PLEASE ! 😞

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Hi @a_evening, welcome to the Spotify Community!


We'd recommend checking if your card meets the requirements here. If everything is fine, try to subscribe using an incognito window.


Take care 🙂

I have tried everything . Still , NOTHING is working . Disappointed.

FYI , I had to “order” a gift card for the amount of 3 months for it to work and for it to “accept” my card . Apparently it won’t accept my card paying monthly . Just know that I’m NOT very pleased with this result and best hope that it will be working effective as of tomorrow . Thanks for the “help” . 

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