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problem when specifying payment with mastercard

problem when specifying payment with mastercard


An error occurred in the payment. Try again or use another payment method.


I already called the bank of my card they explained to me that it is a problem of spotify and that I pay a subcription to onedrive and that same day it could have been blocked but it is definitely a problem of spotify it is annoying that you are resfringe on the face spotify advertising

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Hey @Manuelaudifono, welcome to the Community!


Does your payment card meet these requirements? If you're unsure, try reaching out to your bank to be sure.


You can also try signing up using an incognito window to see if it helps.


Let us know how it goes.

don't work the card meets everything

it is not possible to use another method of payment since I do not have another one besides I am clear that it is problem of spotify since ontros services like steam netflix and onedrive if the payment can be made the blocking was the March 30 when it had to renew the subcription was April 5 this was not done by blocking risky purchase on another page and call the bank and unlocked the problem is solved but I insist the problem is of spotify since it is the only page where he does not let me pay with that card and I will not go to another commercial house or bank to get another card to mess up the accounts for a service as good and as responsive in the solution of problems as spotify and the service is already annoying as it is possible that there is no solution in particular

Hey there, @Manuelaudifono


Thanks for getting back to us again.


Not to worry, as you've already reached out to the bank and checked the requirements, we'd recommend reaching out to Support now.

You can do this one of the below ways:






They'll take a closer look backstage and see what they can suggest!



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