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2nd Device Overwrites Playlist

2nd Device Overwrites Playlist

When I open Spotify on a 2nd device and connect it to the internet, Device 2 overwrites the playlist track order on Device 1. This makes no sense, as Device 1 was updated more recently and connected to the internet. 


Example Scenario

Step 1) Spotify Playlist synced to both Device 1 (Macbook Pro) and Device 2 (iPhone)

Step 2) Playlist reordered on Device 1 & connected to Internet

Step 3) Device 2 is connected to a different internet source at later time and overwrites playlist order for both devices with the original playlist order, and my effort is wasted.


This makes no sense as the timestamp on changes should be newer with the reordering in Step #2. But somehow Spotify connecting to a different internet source sees the original playlist on Device 2 as newer. This is very frustrating.




Country USA


Device Macbook Pro late 2015, Catalina, iPad Pro, iPhone

Operating System




4 Replies

Hi there! Glad you asked. It looks like there is some delay with the sync between your connected devices. Nothing to worry about.

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll and click on Sign Out Everywhere
  3. Log into your devices again and everything should be working just fine now

Do note that you would need to resave your offline content on all devices. Let us know how it goes.


Throw a like my way or mark this as a solution if I helped. ‌😊

AmayySpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.


I followed your directions and Signed out Everywhere. I then signed back in on all devices.


Today I updated a Spotify playlist on my Mac laptop while on a plane. When I landed, I sync'ed the Laptop to the Airport Wifi and played a track, to ensure that Spotify recognized my updates. I then opened my Android Samsung phone and opened Spotify. When it reached the internet, the playlist on my computer reverted to the old version that was on my Android phone. 


This is not working correctly. Why are the updates on the laptop not dated with a timestamp that would be newer than the phone's playlist?

Hey @SustainedNote,


Thanks for the post.


Issues with synchronization between devices are usually connected to corrupted cache on one or more devices. Run a clean reinstall, following this Guide on each of your devices.


Also, make sure that the Sorting option for each playlist is set to Custom.


Hope this helps.


Keep us posted.

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