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Alphabetical List


Alphabetical List


I've been a premium subscriber for 7 years; that's quite a lot of money that I have sent in the direction of your company, and for the bulk of that time I have been very happy with the service, however...


The most recent update is nonsensical.  The removal of the alphabetical scroll of songs I've liked is, frankly, lunacy.  It's my music LIBRARY.  What kind of library is not alphabetically sorted?!  Has there ever been one in history?  Civilization has been using that method for millenia for a reason.


Before you protest your "reintroduction...", let me stop you.  You haven't.  I don't want to follow artists to have an alphabetical scroll.  A prime example of why not would be LaRoux.  It's fair to say that her music is not the kind of thing I would ordinarily listen to, but two of her tracks have been subject to a cracking pair of remixes.  Do I want to follow LaRoux and have her back catalogue at my fingertips?  No.  No I do not.  Do I want to be able to listen to those two remixes, those individual tracks, when the mood takes me?  Yes, because that's what I'm paying my money for.


Here's the thing; I'm not a man that normally complains, but with this, I'm paying you £15pm as I've got a family plan and your latest update has done nothing but reduce the quality of my experience with your product.  You have actively made the product worse, and from what I can glean from both my friends and your community, this is a view resoundingly shared.


I'm not going to threaten you with talk of cancelling, I would just like to point out that from the user's end, your changes are ludicrous and counter-intuitive, and that is poor from a business perspective.  They say the customer is always right, well, seems like one heck of a lot of your customers are making the same point; maybe listen and roll a few things back?  I'm sure your developers worked very hard on this update, but sometimes mistakes happen.  Their egos may be bruised to accept such changes, but what is more important, your developers' self-esteem or your customers' satisfaction with your product?


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Alphabetical list.

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I do agree with the nonsencial part, WHY DID YOU REMOVE ALPHABETICAL SORTING SPOTIFY?!?! WHAT WOULD IT IMPROVE? Plus (being a free user) the ads a re too pressuring to get you to give money. Honestly, why would I pay someone who anoys me and creates AN ENTIRE SECTION OF THE FREE APP DEDICATED TO BUYING PRENIUM? JUST WHY?


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