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Anyone Getting Weird Recommendations Lately?

Anyone Getting Weird Recommendations Lately?

Sometimes I think Spotify’s recommendation algorithm is a little messed up.

I’m listening to something that could describe as medieval/fantasy sounding live music with ominous Latin chanting until . . . Bollywood/raga/Middle Eastern stuff??!! I 













Women of Soundtracks . . . THE ARTIST IS MALE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!

If anyone has found any other instances of recommendations acting screwey, please let me know. Spotify needs to listen to feedback!

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Recently i came across the artist Latimer and could only suffer (indeed) through two songs before deciding "not for me."

Some kind of "weird ambient (but agressive) drone with meditative t(r)appings," though i would be curious as to how effective it would be for that or even what the intent/message is with this project (the song titles are incredibly hard to parse).

The related artists shown (to this one, with 67 monthly listeners, granted) include King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Dream Theater, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin 🤣



It's strange that this has been happening to quite a few users lately. If you feel that these recommendations are causing problems for your experience on Spotify, contacting Customer Support ( can help with your specific case. 


Personally, the best advice I can give is to keep listening to your playlists and hopefully this sorts your recommendations out asap -  I've had some recommendations that have been pretty out there before as well but after playing the songs I've listened to the most it seems to get back to normal.


I hope this helps x

Just made a playlist with Coldplay and Ed Sheeren and getting only Indian music recommendations - really weird

Same, I have playlist with swedish rap and the recommended songs are all portuguese



YES I have been getting several of this " RECOMMENDATIONS" and they are ruining my selections and playlist. I am paying a monthly fee to listen to my favorite music, but they keep sneaking in  these stupid recommendations. I am tired of deleting these songs that I don't want to  listen.  

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