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Bring back adding the same song to a playlist more than once!

Bring back adding the same song to a playlist more than once!

When clicking 'add to playlist' it should add it no matter what. Before a pop up said 'are you sure, this song is already on the playlist' but you could still say yes or no to that whereas now it's either there once or not. I've tried adding it again via adding other playlists to this one but it doesn't work. What is the point in paying this much if they take away functions that made it work better. Please change this back Spotify!

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Hey @PippaElle,


Thanks for sharing your feedback with us!
We moved your post out of the Ideas section as what you're describing is still a feature within Spotify.
Just use the regular right click -> 'Add to Playlist function' instead of the '+' / Checkmark button and all should work the way you want it to 🙂


We're here for you in case any questions come to mind. Cheers!

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This absolutely does not work on mobile. I don’t understand what the issue is, as it WAS feature meaning there was work done to take it out. Simply add it back on mobile. This is ridiculous. 

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