Bring back the old Library layout


Bring back the old Library layout


Yes, I recently upgraded to the Note 20 Ultra. I absolutely HATE the newest versions of spotify. You took away our simple layout for the music making finding my music that I have downloaded impossible to find especially while driving. I'm literally on the verge of canceling my spotify family plan and just using youtube again. I have had to download the version 4.8 of spotify as an APK to install a good version but lovely ole spotify chooses to update randomly itself and DOESNT UPDATE THROUGH THE PLAY STORE. There for spotify is actually going against my phones policy and is downloading the upgrade from their servers. The play store still says I'm on the old version but the app says otherwise.




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I put it in at the top. Give us back the good version or make the library back to the screens hot attached.

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They haven't done anything for some reason, it's just sad to see they keep changing for the worst. I would love to change but no service has the music Spotify has. Tidal has an amazing layout but no where near the music library. I'm just one of many thousands complaining to the forum yet agian. I would love it even if there was a theme option

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Totally agree. The user experience with Spotify has degenerated considerably in the past 5 years. I want to listen to all my songs in alpha order. But no, even with shuffle (not) turned off it won't play in order! And when I turn shuffle on it only shows the songs with numeric and "A" in the que. Yeah I only like songs with titles that start with "A". Mr Ek, he don't care!


Not going to happen.

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Hey @Cybrify, thanks for reaching out to the Community!


I understand your concern as I have used the old library version before the new current one got released. I am afraid that isn't possible to go back to the old library layout at the moment. You can always create a new Idea about this here (since it’s a great idea), and I'll also pass your feedback on to the right folks.

I'll be here if you need anything else!

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