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Changing the heart button to a plus


Changing the heart button to a plus

Hey there,


We wanted to let you know that our design team is currently testing a new layout for the button responsible for adding items to Your Library and your playlists on iOS. The team is exploring revamping the look and some of the functions of the Now Playing view and this includes a possible change of the heart symbol for a plus sign thus streamlining the process to encompass "one button to rule them all" design.


In some versions of the app you might see a plus instead of the heart or you may see some differences in the way the Now Playing view looks, so if you want to share your feedback with the team it's best that you also include a screenshot of what you see so that we'd be able to properly sort and forward your thoughts.


When designing this new experience our teams tried to incorporate as much as possible of your valuable feedback from our older tests about this. As before, we would really appreciate you sharing your thoughts on the test in this thread. Your feedback will this way reach the right team directly.


Let's continue to together improve our experience using the Spotify app!




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i am back, commenting again, because my app seems like it wants to kill itself and keeps changing. at first, my plus button functioned by to like a song i had to add it to my Liked Songs “playlist.” it was an extra step i had to take. now, it immediately adds it to my Liked Songs, but i’m still angry they think this replaces the heart. The heart and the + are two different functions, why can’t we have both? Someone tell me how long this UI is gonna last because it keeps changing and i’m **bleep**. why cant i visibly view the songs I have liked at glance, spotify? get me out of this spotify jail. 

also, my app has changed several times since i noticed i was under a testing UI. at one point my app was so bugged i guess i could manipulate between layouts and get back to the original spotify, but my video stills wouldn’t work when i got my hearts back. today, my app is acting the way you said where the plus button just adds the songs to my Liked Songs, but yesterday that process was an extra step. Every day is different. i’m angry. everyone i know personally has the old interface. i am so LIVID at spotify right now. but yeah, i think we are different UIs. which is funny because regardless of the UI, we all say they all suck so. 

I miss being able to see whether I liked a song or not before playing it. And I don’t like the number of steps you need to go through to like a song now (adding it to a playlist). I don’t care if the icon is a heart or not, but bring back the old functionality. People either never use liked songs or use it for everything. For folks who use liked songs, this is disruptive and not in a user friendly way.

I’ve been using Spotify for years and have always felt that it has the best user interface on the app which so primarily what I use. Recently Spotify has changed the Heart icon for liked songs to a Plus button. This design is extremely inconvenient and makes using the app much harder to the point where it’s actually frustrating. 
The removal of the Heart icon while viewing albums/playlist is the biggest problem. Now rather than being able to see which songs are liked at a glance, you now have to go through a process. (Tap 3 dots in corner, tap add to playlist, then see if it’s a liked song.) This makes exploring new music really inconvenient. 
Swiping from right to left on a song to like songs AND add them to playlists is a poor design choice. Swiping to like a song makes sense. Swiping again might make sense BUT ONLY IF YOU CAN ALREADY TELL THAT SONG IS LIKED VIA THE HEART ICON. It has become obnoxiously common for me to go into a playlist and think “I don’t have ANY of these songs liked?” Only to swipe to “like” them and be prompted to add it to a playlist since it’s already been liked. It would make sense to swipe on already liked songs to then have the ability to add them to playlists.
These issues are simple and could easily be fixed by: bringing back the heart icon whenever looking at albums/EPS/playlists making it easy to identify which songs are liked. And: allowing users to swipe from right to left to add liked songs to playlists. Otherwise, unliked songs can be added to playlists by tapping the 3 dots and tapping add to playlist. 
I think Spotify needs to get rid of the plus symbol as it does too many things quite poorly. It would make sense to have more features that have fewer functions each rather than one feature that has too many functions. 

Thank you.

Josh - Spotify user for 10 years - using an iPhone XR



the plus sign is a test design and i have proof

Screenshot 2023-02-27 8.40.50 AM.png



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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.0_0-1677508942276.png


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Hey folks,


We wanted to let you know that there is a new announcement post that answers your questions and shows you how to use the new (+) Plus button. We'll be closing this thread here now.


We continue to welcome your feedback about this change over in the thread linked below:


The ♡ Heart button is being replaced with a (+) Plus button

MattSudaSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

I loved spotify's new change of removing the heart button and replacing it with a + button. This allowed me to see what playlists my songs were on, and add/remove them from multiple playlists at a time. Absolutely amazing change in my opinion, but now it's gone. I noticed it after my iPhone died one day, but I don't think that had anything to do with it. Any help?

You may have seen the temporary redesign of the song listening screen. The cover art is FINALLY rounded and with shadows. The name of the song has shifted, if I'm not mistaken, up and to the left. So, I think it was a great decision. It is surprising that Spotify retains the old design concepts in this regard, while all other music streams and not only music have switched to streamlining and roundness of everything.


If you are of the same opinion, please let's show on Spotify that we are interested in this. It is strange to see just squares without shadows and roundness 🙂



I don’t always want a song I’ve put in a playlist in my liked songs, Ik I can remove it but, it’s more faff when it’s the same button. Sometimes I’ll add a song to a playlist bc it’s funny not necessarily bc I rly like the song.

Premium plan


iPhone 14 


I logged out and back in twice because my friend’s Discover Weekly playlist which I have “liked” is not updating on a weekly basis, and this was the silly suggestion in a few threads. 

 Not only did this not solve the issue — the friends playlist is still from weeks ago — my UX for adding to playlists with the Plus sign that shows me the playlists easily, has disappeared. I’m back to the old idiotic design of just a heart. To add to playlists I again need to click the dots and then guess playlists where I may have this in the past. 

How to get back to the plus sign for adding a song to Liked songs and other playlists? 



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