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Changing the heart button to a plus


Changing the heart button to a plus

Hey there,


We wanted to let you know that our design team is currently testing a new layout for the button responsible for adding items to Your Library and your playlists on iOS. The team is exploring revamping the look and some of the functions of the Now Playing view and this includes a possible change of the heart symbol for a plus sign thus streamlining the process to encompass "one button to rule them all" design.


In some versions of the app you might see a plus instead of the heart or you may see some differences in the way the Now Playing view looks, so if you want to share your feedback with the team it's best that you also include a screenshot of what you see so that we'd be able to properly sort and forward your thoughts.


When designing this new experience our teams tried to incorporate as much as possible of your valuable feedback from our older tests about this. As before, we would really appreciate you sharing your thoughts on the test in this thread. Your feedback will this way reach the right team directly.


Let's continue to together improve our experience using the Spotify app!




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This, so much.

@Tom2022 @assisted321


I also don't like the redesign of the currently playing panel, but in the meantime, on iPhone, if you swipe down on the navigation bar (the one you swipe up on to go to your home screen,) it will enable 'Reachability' mode, where you can tab on these in the middle of the screen.

I believe the option is turned on by default, but I'm not sure, as I don't have an iPhone.

You can find more info on the Reachability feature, here.

How about a button to get the Christmas songs out of recommended playlists after the holiday season is over.

PLEASE bring back the "like" heart on the app. It made things MUCH easier to keep track of. (I program a music show, and it was always MUCH easier to just look for a heart when sorting through things.) Seriously, the heart was just SO much simpler, and didn't involve any unnecessary sorting in the moment.

i agree completely. to add, i often use radios and usually click the title of the song radio on top to quickly go to the radio playlist and now it’s a LOOOOT more i convenient. 




I like the Add to playlist view showing which playlist the song is already in. But I miss the HEARTS next to my favorite songs.


Please, why does Spotify constantly make changes that nobody asked for and refuse to make the changes that people do ask for? It's a very poor business model.

Hey Dian,


I've been affected by this test update for the last few days, and here are my thoughts:


- I miss the heart. It's simply the aesthetic that changed, so if Spotify decided to do away with it, I'd probably adapt.

- My biggest gripe about this test UI is that when viewing a playlist, artists' pages & top played songs, or albums, there is no longer a clear indication of what I've liked. When I look through my Discover Weekly or Release Radar, it's extremely useful to know what songs I've liked without individually clicking each song. I typically listen to the playlist at work without the chance to actively check what I'm listening to. Simply liking the song allows me to come back to it later, for a re-listen or to add to one of my playlists.


My Now Playing screen still looks normal, sans heart. The functionality of the + sign isn't terrible. I just find that the simple heart was both simple and effective.


Chiming in to express my intense displeasure about the Now Playing song title / artist name location change (see attached).


As someone who primarily uses Spotify more actively than passively (i.e., creating playlists vs. pressing play and setting my phone aside), this change makes it significantly harder on my eyes and fingers. Previously I found the proximity of the time bar and song title well suited to my uses and request a return to that layout so I can continue enjoying the app as I have for the past decade. 


I like the heart more to be honest. It's more of an emotional connection to "like" a track than to rather just "add" it. I think changing it to a plus will result in more users liking/adding songs, yes, but that makes every new like/add less meaningful. As an artist, I would feel better knowing that a listener tapped that heart button with a "like" in mind meaning they think my music is cool rather than just tapping it to add it to their personal playlist, which is great too, but I prefer the heart more.

This happened to me too. Where the moon is, which is the sleep timer now, I used to be able to view the other current album tracks by tapping the screen . I would like a reversal in settings as well. Help!

I’m definitely missing the old version of the app after using my new version for a couple days…

I miss the heart. I can understand why you might want to encompass all actions into one button, but I think it’s ESSENTIAL for users to be able to see the heart next to a song if they’ve already liked it. It makes browsing the app a lot easier when you can scan through playlists and easily see which songs you’ve already liked. Also, I’ve found myself trying to like songs that I didn’t know I’ve already liked because there’s no indicator. I mean seriously, I don’t see the downside in having the heart on liked songs, even if you change the button on the now playing screen.


Move the song title/artist name back down near play/pause button where it makes more sense. 

The overall consensus from us on Reddit is that most of us hate it.

Please roll this back. As a frequent unliker of songs, having to do it in two (differently located) clicks is a pain.

i do not like it. it adds an unnecessary step to what should otherwise be a very streamlined process. when u press the heart u know exactly where it’s going , as well as it shows which songs off an album u have already liked. i find myself pressing the same songs over again to see if i have them liked when otherwise i could just glance at it. irritating 

Hide the smaller album icon that is circled in 1.png, so that the song title is displayed like the title shown in 2.PNG, if the canvas feature in settings (3.PNG) is turned off.


Add/Remove the current playing song into 'Liked Songs' is a quick user action and it is frequently used everyday.


I don't know what's in your head made you made the decision to replace it with a plus icon, now it becomes a 3-step action:

1. Tap the plus icon

2. I HAVE TO wait for the popup 

3. Tap on the Done button.


It's a really bad design, the person who decide to make this change should be fired, I'm serious.

The "old" test was concluded ~3 months ago. Why do you want to change something again that is already working fine and liked by most? The plus sign was confusing at best and frustrating to use. Made adding songs to liked playlists more tedious, lost visual confirmation on mobile devices that the song is already in the liked songs list or not. Eventually the heart came back, so you probably also concluded that was better.
There are plenty of other things in the idea box imo.

I will say, a few days in that my opinion hasn't changed. PLEASE bring back the heart. However, I DO enjoy the new feature that adds a song to multiple playlists at once. To me, that's a keeper...not unlike the beloved "like" heart. 

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