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Collaborative playlist option disappeared

Collaborative playlist option disappeared

My Question or Issue

I am using the desktop windows 10 and mobile Android app - and on all platforms the option to make a playlist collaborative has disappeared, please help get it back. 

It is only showing option to invite collaborator but when I add my friends as collaborator they are unable to add songs to the playlist.
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It doesn't, the problem is that the new feature is fully broken. Even with the link from the playlist originator, I and many people at my workplace are not able to add songs. Some are, some are not. There doesn't seem to be any logic behind it at all. Sometimes I can, sometimes I can't. Sometimes the phone client works, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes desktop works, sometimes it doesn't. The new feature is broken.



We understand the feature has changed, however the new Invite Collaborator option is not only worse than the original feature, but as you can see from these replies it simply Does Not Work. Its broken entirely, nobody can add songs with the stupid 24 hour link anyway.

Yea we understand how it is supposed to work. The problem is it didn’t work
properly. I send the invite link, my wife clicks on it, follows and likes
the playlist, and she still doesn’t show up under followers of the
playlist. I can’t even change her privileges to the playlist because she
doesn’t even show up.

Hi folks,


Thanks for sharing all this information with us.
This is currently being looked into & will hopefully work as intended soon.
Do keep the app up to date in meantime.
Much appreciated!


@crystalpope @ivihde


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Hi, I have the same problem here. I could still make a collaborative playlist 2 weeks ago from my desktop app, but since it updated everything is broken, the new option only shares the playlist.

Hey @Hellinger,

Thanks for your post and welcome to the Community!

Please check out the response given by @Yordan earlier, as it explains how the previous Make Collaborative feature for a playlist has now been replaced with the current Invite Collaborators option. The invite link not only shares the list but also grants collaborative rights to anyone who opens it within 24hrs. Afterwards the link expires for security reasons.  So a new one has to be generated by the owner of the playlist and shared again, if a potential collaborator has missed the timeframe to join.

Hope this helps clarify things. Don't hesitate to give us a shout if there's anything else we can help with.

Kiril Moderator
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HAs there been any updates on this front. The only information we have
received about this issue is a non descript explanation of how the new
system is meant to work. Nothing in terms of stating how to fix it. I would
think after seeing this thread and the multitude of people claiming the
same issue, even after trying the recommended troubleshooting options,
would be enough to garner more attention.

Hey guys,


Check out my idea submission to bring back the "Make Collaborative" Feature + vote on it if you're missing it too! CLICK HERE


A lot of us are having the same issue - they have removed the option to make a playlist collaborative, so unfortunately you have to invite specific people to join the playlist. Obviously this isn't the way a lot of us used the feature, as we allowed whoever found our playlist to add / change it.

If enough of us vote on the idea to bring the feature back, they may just implement having both so we can enjoy using Spotify again!


VOTE HERE to bring back the original Collaborative Playlists

Ok seriously how many times do we have to say it’s not working before you
stop giving us the blanket response? I am literally sitting next to my
wife. I sent her the invite link, she clicks on it the minute it hits her
messages. She then likes and follows the playlist and she is still not
listed as a follower or collaborator.

I would appreciate an actual fix or response that deals with the issues we
are presenting you.

Hi @Spriggs23!


We weren't able to reproduce this on our end. All cases our CS team has handled so far have been related to the link expiring or some log in issue. If you want, you can share the link here on the Community with us. We'll do our best to check it within 24hrs to see if some of us could join. You can always remove us (or any other users) later on.


We'll be on the lookout for your reply.

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Hi @yordan

Playlist name : Test-Playlist

Visibility : Public

Created today at 16:10 (French Time)

Link (generated at 16:18 french time) :


Windows Desktop client


Hey @WallyOllyO & @YMaster, thanks for these shares!


We were able to join both of your playlists as collaborators and add a song to them. This all seems to work as intended.


Are you sure whoever you're sending the links to are opening them properly? We might have a hunch what's going on. If the links are opened from a browser on the desktop, the browser might default to loading up the Web Player. There should be a prompt to launch Spotify, but depending on how the browser is set up it might not appear or it can be dismissed. Keep in mind that the collaborative functions aren't supported on the Web Player, and only work on our desktop and mobile apps. Joining should still be triggered, but once you join a playlist, you need to go to the apps to modify them.


The best way to avoid any confusion is for the links to be opened up on a mobile device with the Spotify app installed.

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Hey guys. If you wanted to vote to being back the old collaborative playlists, they've made the idea live now. So go ahead and vote to bring them back!

I submitted an Idea to bring back universally collaborative playlists - put in a vote!

Hey Spotify, it'd be really great if you could rethink this feature change — first of all it literally does not work at all right now (same issue as others here, with invitees not being able to do anything), but even if it was working as intended, the 24hr expiration time would make it incredibly difficult for us to have persistent team playlists, without constantly recycling all shared links. Thanks.

As many have already posted this feature is broken. I've tried it multiple times on Windows 10 including making sure that the link is opened with the desktop app and not a browser and it still fails. Finally got around it by opening the link on an Android device (again be sure that the link is opened with the Spotify app and not a web browser).

I'm having the same issue. I tried to see if the other person could make one and add me to theirs instead but that didn't work as well.

Just ran into the same issue myself. Can categorically prove that this doesn't work now! 

A workaround I've found (for now) is to re-use an old playlist that is already collaborative. It's not great - but I've found an old shared playlist of mine that I've emptied, renamed, and now using as a new collaborative playlist until Spotify can sort this out. 

@Spotify Moderators - I've got a couple of playlists you can use to prove this working & Not-working if you like?? 


I am trying on both desktop app and mobile app and the collab link just doesn't work no matter how many different playlists or links i try. please fix this soon. 0-0 

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