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First song in radio not playing

First song in radio not playing

## Introduction
I tried listening to the first music in a radio, and it started a different one. The playlist was titled "(song name) Radio", so the first song appeared to be the one in (song name).

## Expected behavior
The app would start playing the song I selected.

## Actual behavior
The app started playing Crystal Castles's song 'Kerosene', which appeared to be third in the list.

I opened the desktop client, and noticed the difference: there, Kerosene was in first place.

Why do the two clients differ in such ways? Why does the web app show 'Bumble Bee' as first, and the desktop app does not even include that song in the playlist?

Thanks for your help,
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Hi @thelocaltemp,


Thanks for reaching out!


Radios update frequently to keep things fresh, but when it comes to song radios specifically, the song you start the radio from should always be at the top of the playlist. If you started the playback via the big green Play button, perhaps you had Shuffle toggled on, which is why another song was played instead. As for the desktop app, is it possible that you started an artist radio there instead?


If you're able to consistently reproduce this behavior, please share a short screen recording which captures it in action so we can take a direct look at what's happening on your end. It's also worth logging out and signing back in to your account twice - this will force a resync of the app.


Cheers 🤘

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basically what happens is that the Queue and the Playlist are different. If you press the button to see the current queue you will see the order it will actually play in.

Most annoying part is that you can not play the song you based the radio on in the first place, even if you click on it in the playlist

(Browser mode)

I think normally clearing the queue is supposed to fix this, but I haven't yet found a way to clear the queue in Browser

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