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Good Afternoon and Jump Back In tabs are hopelessly broken

Good Afternoon and Jump Back In tabs are hopelessly broken




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iPhone 8

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iOS 14.6


I had a bot hack into my account three months ago to play some music on repeat for a little over a day, which, while annoying, isn't the main problem I'm having. The issue is that the music that the bot streamed remains at the top of my Good Afternoon/Evening/Morning and Jump Back In tabs, even though it's been three months, and I listen to music for 4+ hours a day. The music it played on my account is in a genre I have never even touched, and I have no desire to see it at the top of my page every time I open the app (iPhone app, desktop app, and Spotify website version all share the same issue).


Obviously, the system is just completely broken- whether it's some random bug or, for some reason, how the algorithm actually works. If a fix for the issue isn't coming in a future update, at least give us the option to remove unwanted songs and playlists from our home page. I mean, it's supposed to be my personalized home page, right? I've had the account for years, so it's weird that a bot who had my account for one day was able to completely change Spotify's perception of my music taste. 

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Hi @crispyrugs,


Thank you for posting your question on the Community, we're happy to help 🙂


First off, we recommend that you listen to more of your favorite tracks with the Private session feature off. Also, please clear the cache of all the devices you use, then log out and back in to sync things up. 


If this doesn't work we suggest you contact the folks from Customer Support who can take a deeper look into your account. Here is the link.


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Hi Julian,


My private session feature has been off, and I've cleared the caches from my devices multiple times in the past, with no change to the issues I mentioned. I'll reach out to support, thanks.

You might have the same issue that I had: Home hub shortcuts not updating/chaning.

Re: Only the web player affects home hub shortcuts - The Spotify Community

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