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How can I create a playlist of ALL the songs by my favorite artist?

How can I create a playlist of ALL the songs by my favorite artist?

can I add all songs by an artist to a playlist?
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Hey there!

The easiest way to do this would probably be to like all of the albums by an artist, then go to the Liked Songs section of the artist page, press Control + A to select all of the songs, then add them to a playlist. Here I've used Sam Smith as an example.


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To kaworu_bloodpaw


Maybe I can do it somehow easier? Without dancing with tambourines and likes of albums?

For example, just open the artist and listen to all his songs.
For example, I want to listen to Sting. Let's say I have never listened to Sting in my life and just want to get acquainted with his work. I don't want to like anything, create playlists, etc. I don't care what albums he had. I just want to search for "Sting" and listen to all his songs that are in spotify from this artist. In order, one by one. Let the songs go in the order they were released. Not songs of similar genres, not radio by artist, not just 10 popular ones. I just want to listen to ALL of his songs. Everyone, you understand? It's so simple.

So how do I do it?


If you go to his artist page and start at the most recent album, once at the end of that one, Spotify will continue to the next album.

I'm not sure how shuffle behaves on an artist profile.


So the fact of the matter is that it seems to be not such behavior.
I search for an artist and just press the green play button.


After that, the first song from the list of popular ones is included. But after the list of 10 songs ends, recommendations and other artists singls are included. It's so enraging...




Under the discography section, you need to hit "show all". Then it will play the songs in order.



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