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How do I remove a "paid" episode from my New Episodes feed?

How do I remove a "paid" episode from my New Episodes feed?

I subscribed to the feed of a podcast that includes Paid episodes that I do not get. Yet they stay in my New Episodes feed, which clutters it up. I don't have the ability to remove it from the feed, which seems like a small bug? How do I go about removing it?
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I've attached screengrabs of my iPhone App



unnamed (1).jpg

I am also affected by this. Please allow us to hide paid episodes.

I have this issue as well, is there a solution?

Same here, I want to have clean feed

Is the only way to remove a paid episode to unsubscribe?

This started happening to me the day before yesterday. Is there suddenly a level above premium? @Spotify, fix this now!

I have the same issue, it’s very frustrating. My solution so far has been to unsubscribe from the podcast. 

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