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How to queue a podcast??

How to queue a podcast??








Windows PC app, Web (, Android App, Amazon Alexa Tap/Echo

Operating System

Windows 10, Android


My Question or Issue


So I have searched forum posts and am finding solutions ranging from "just add it to your queue" to "Spotify no longer supports adding podcasts to your queue"


So what is the current status? I'd like to somehow bookmark or queue podcasts to listen to later when I'm in the mood for listening to a podcast. I tried adding a podcast to the queue and it doesn't seem to ever end up in the queue (on the same device even) so it does sound like this is no longer supported (?).


But also, this doesn't sound like the best solution because later I might be wanting to listen on a DIFFERENT device than where I queued it so this doesn't seem ideal for podcasts.


Plus I found some older post where people said if it's in your queue it will just start playing and that really there should be a separate Music and Podcast queue, which makes sense.


For now, I created a Playlist to stick these into but I'd really like to know how it's recommended we queue or bookmark podcasts for later.


My other challenge is getting back to my podcast later (if I didn't add it to playlist), like i might start listening to a podcast, switch to music for a bit, and then later have to figure out which podcast I was listening to.




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Hey there @natv,


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community.


We can confirm that it's possible to add a podcast episode to the Queue. You just need to right-click on it (or click on the 3 dots) > Add to queue. That episode will be added to the Queue and will play immediately after what's playing ends - that's how the Queue works.


You can save the episodes that you want to listen to later in the way you're currently doing it - by adding them to a playlist. In the Android app, you can save them by tapping on +. Then you can find those saved episodes in Your Library > Podcasts & Shows > Your Episodes.


If you haven't saved an episode and you want to continue listening to it later, you'd need to go to the podcast show profile and search for it. You can see a progression bar just next to the duration of the podcast - that way you'll be able to find which podcast you were listening to and where you left.


Hope this helps. We'll be right here in case you have any questions 🙂

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Hi Carlos,

So in the Windows/PC Spotify app, there's no way to access " Podcasts & Shows > Your Episodes"?


I'm just trying to find an easy way to pick up on the podcast later on a different device so this isn't really cutting it. Why would it work that way on Android and not in your Windows PC app?



Hey @natv,


Thanks for your reply.


That's right. Your Episodes playlist isn't available in the desktop app. Keep in mind that the interface and features vary across devices as they run different operative systems.


What would be best is that you add your podcast episodes to a playlist created by you so you can easily access them in any device. Also, the content you play in one device isn't always synced in the other devices, unless you have the app open on the multiple devices at the same time.


In case you have further questions, we're just a post away.



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So, the two options are:


1) Add a podcast episode to the generic queue, which mixes it in with music. This means that in a particular setting, I can't choose to listen to music OR listen to podcasts, only both mixed together, or

2) Add a podcast episode to a playlist. This means that after listening to an episode, I have to go back to the playlist later, look for episodes that I've already listened to and manually delete them.


Have I got that right? If so, I find that to be a poor UX design, which doesn't offer the basic functions of a standalone podcast player app.


I would like to be able to browse podcast episodes, add specific ones to a podcast-only queue, be able to reorder that queue, and then push a button at the start of my dog walk / workout session / daily commute and listen to the them.

I am running spotify ( on android 11 ..and I dont have an option to add podcast episode to queue when clicking the three dots. However, I have the option of adding to a playlist.. Am I missing something.

Hi there @sputnik11,


Thank you for your reply in this thread.


If you pick adding to playlist, do you see You episodes there? If not, we suggest that you perform a clean reinstall of the app. This will make sure there's no old cache files causing this.


Let us know how it goes.

Take care!

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Live, love, laugh and listen to music 🙂


I am able to add to playlist and view my episodes there..However, I am not able to directly add a podcast episode to the queue on android. I am able to do this on my desktop though.

Hey @sputnik11,


Thanks for keeping us posted.


In this case it's a good idea to give the steps @Jeremy mentioned a go and run a clean reinstall. 


If nothing changes, could you please share with us a video recording of what you're seeing? We'll look into this further.


Keep us posted.

Ver Moderator
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Is there a way to add a podcast to My Episodes and have them play in the order I added them? The way things are now, when I add, it always adds the newest podcast to the top of the list. That doesn’t make sense. I want the My Episodes to function the the queue, but strictly with podcasts. 

Hi @danstacy1!


While it's not currently possible to set a custom order in Your Episodes, you can instead add the episodes into a normal playlist, where you'll be able to order them the way you want.


There's also this idea about implementing more sort options for Your Episodes which you may find interesting, so feel free to check it out and show your support by adding your +VOTE, if you haven't already.



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How is that not an option? It is easy to create ways to sort the episodes or create a drag and drop feature. Also, how is it that when you add an episode it goes to the top of the list instead of the bottom of the list. If you need someone to help create these features,  checkout out my resume on LinkedIn. I would be thrilled to help.

does anyone have an update to this based on the most recent update? the 3-dot button has disappeared from the “new episodes” page.

With Google podcast disappearing I was prepared to just move to here. But not having a specific queue for podcasts I can keep in order I want that go away as they play means I need to look elsewhere. I hope you'll get your functionality up on the podcasts soon 

Totally agree.  Did you find a solution?

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