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I can't delete an empty folder

I can't delete an empty folder

For some reason I can't delete a playlist folder I have created so I google'd it. I found a thread here and learned that my playlist structure might be corrupted, and that the support can check it.

It would be very nice if someone could look into it, but please don't delete my playlists by accident >.<

Thanks a lot

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Hey @mrmelontree, thanks for reaching out to the Community!


I won’t be able to check your playlists on your account, but I’ll be happy to help you. You would need the desktop app to create and remove playlist folders, more information can be found here.


If you’re still having trouble, could you let me know what steps you’ve taken to try and remove your playlist folders? You can also attach a screenshot or screen recording of what you’re seeing and I’ll take a closer look.


Let me know how this goes! 

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I just renamed the folder to one I gonna use later, it still would be nice if someone could look over my library and check if it is corrupted.

thanks for trying to help me, but if I didn't try to delete it by pressing "right click" - delete on the device that I created the folder I wouldn't have asked here

...i know some people would tho, so I appreciate the try 🙂

Having the same issues.


I have created a playlist folder some while ago.

After deleting all the playlists within, the folder now stands empty. Upon trying to delete it, it won't do anything.


It is not working on my Windows app, it is not working in the android app, it is not working on

I have tried to log out on all devices, I have reinstalled my desktop app and tried every other suggestion that you can find here on the forums.


I can rename the folder, but only on As soon as I hit the enter button there, I can see the name being updated immediately also on my desktop and android apps.

On the desktop app, instead, I can enter a new name, but it won't update after hitting enter.


I assume it's not a client-side error, or otherwise it would work in the web player.


Would be happy if someone has another hint or advice.




Quick follow-up (sorry):
I can create new folders within that folder and delete those. I can also create new folders elsewhere and delete them again as well without problems..

I also have this problem.


Please can somebody from Spotify get off their **bleep** and sort out our corrupted playlists?!


My OCD cannot handle having an empty folder sat there amongst all of my immaculate playlists!

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