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I’m being haunted by Norwegian music.

I’m being haunted by Norwegian music.

My suggested songs on several playlists are currently being haunted by Norwegian music and musicians.


Every refresh more Norwegian songs pop up, and when the song is in English, it’s by a Norwegian artist. I’m losing my mind, I’ve been suffering with this for months.


My language on Spotify is set as English, I’ve only ever listened to *one* song that has Norwegian lyrics in it. This should not be terrorizing me like this when it is one song in a playlist of over 200 songs.


Please tell me there is a way for me to be freed from this never ending **bleep** that is Norwegian music. A song will pop up that isn’t in Norwegian and I get excited, until I check their profile and they are a Norwegian singer, I have been tricked.


I have no issue with Norwegians, I’m sure your songs are great, but I am not Norwegian and would like this horror to stop. I refresh my suggested many a time, it is still there. Photos attached to show my pain.


Please help, I don’t know what I did to deserve to be haunted by an angry Norwegian ghost seeking revenge through petty, but slowly gruelling, sabotage of my music. Thank you.

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