Issues with local files sync


Issues with local files sync


OS: Windows 10 (PC) / IOS 13.7 (iPhone)

Spotify Version: on iPhone, freshly downloaded on PC

Spotify Subscription: Premium


I can't get local files sync to work. I have successfully made a playable playlist with my local files on my PC, but no matter what I try, I cannot get the files to download/sync to my iPhone. The playlist shows up on my iPhone, but all the songs are greyed out. When I download the playlist, they get the little icon next to them that usually means they are waiting to be downloaded, but nothing happens.


As far as troubleshooting is concerned, this is what I know.  All the files are MP3s. I am pretty sure nothing is wrong with them, because again, I have no trouble playing them in my PC installation of Spotify. I have enabled Local Audio Files in the settings of my Spotify app. However, upon doing so, I did not get a prompt like this article said I would. I am on the same network as my PC.  There may be issues with my home network, as far as firewalls are concerned. To make sure this was not the only issue, I tried to sync over a mobile hotspot as suggested in another post, and got the same results. I have no issues with storage on my iPhone either, as I am able to freely download new songs already in the Spotify catalogue. Additionally, I have no other issues with other device syncing between my phone and computer (I can play songs on my phone and control them with my computer, and vice versa).


At this point I don't know what to try anymore. Any help is appreciated. I can send screenshots if needed.