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Sharing local files between computers

Sharing local files between computers


Plan: Premium

Country: US

Device: MacBook Pro

Operating System: Mac OS


I have my local files stored on a MacBookPro (MBP). I would like them to play on another MBP and on an iPhone. This works fine for the iPhone, but not for the MBP, where the local files show up and are indicated as downloaded, but are greyed out (see image)


Any thoughts appreciated!




Screen Shot 2020-11-02 at 10.09.14 AM.png
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You have to copy the music files from one computer to the other. 

There is nothing in the Spotify help on Local Files that indicates that this should only work for local devices. If that's indeed the case it would be good to have it stated. Is it?

I think the help page is pretty clear regarding local files. 

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