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Library Grid View In App

Library Grid View In App

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

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Randomly 2 days ago my library grid view in the app went from the larger size with 4 boxes, to this wider, smaller size with 9 boxes instead. I logged out and logged back in and that fixed the issue for about an hour or so. Then it went back to it. I haven't updated the app to my knowledge and I don't understand why there isn't an option to adjust it back that I can see. I really hope there is a fix because if not, I will be leaving Spotify for Apple Music. They've done nothing the last few months but make the app an absolute headache for people like myself, who are just there to listen to music and not for all the other mess. This was a completely unnecessary change! If I wanted my library to look like this I would just use the list view.

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Has anyone contacted you to rectify this issue because I've been having the same problem. 

I am indeed having the same problem, I would love the larger grid back please

I am a premium user with an Android device. 

Recently, I realised that the grid view on mobile has been changed from 2 columns to 3 columns. I was wondering if there is any solution to change it back to 2 columns or this is a glitch that has happened on my part. Thank you so much!



Hey folks,

Thanks for reaching out.

We can confirm that the tile distribution you're currently seeing is expected behavior, however, we do appreciate your feedback and we've made sure to forward it to the right team.

Take care,

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The grid in my library on my phone has changed from a two column grid to a three column grid. How do I change this back or adjust it? If it is supposed to be like this I recommend that they change it so the user can pick how they want to see it.

So are you actually gonna fix this issue? when I log out and back in the grid is two columns but after a while it goes back to three. So r you gonna give us the option to adjust the size like on mac? Also the way it switches when you log in IS clearly a glitch so it should not be "expected behavior" you should look into this issue and fix it.

I woke up to this today and hate it. I hope someone has a solution. 

If that is expected behaviour why are my subfolders still two columns wide. I think this is a glitch caused by the introduction of your AI playlist generator that isn't available why resetting to two columns. 

The Spotify response was clearly awful and terrible. This issue has been bothering me for a while now and I have an iPhone. Plus the lyrics disappear when I log out and then log back in with the two column showing so it’s clearly a glitch 

I thought the three column grid came with an app update.  It’s too small to see without reading glasses, which I don’t wear when I walk down the street.

Seems like a bad response to criticisms that the album art is too small.  Now even the text is too tiny to read.

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