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I was recently added to my sister’s family plan. I signed in through desktop and noticed my library had no songs in it. Didn’t think think anything of it at the time. Fast forward a few weeks to today. My friend suggested a playlist. Previously, I only ever used Spotify on my phone, which has sat logged in but, dormant forever. So, I opened the link on my phone. Ads started playing, which I thought was weird because cause I’m on a prem plan (I thought?). On my phone, I check my account and it said free. I log out then back in and it was under premium. Before logging out on my phone, I checked the library and it seemed to be all there. After logging back in, it wasn’t. What happened? Keep in mind it’s the same email address for both logins/outs on each device (desktop and iPhone).

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Hey @Bradjohnsonyvr,


Thanks for searching for the answer you need here.


It would seem that you have two accounts - one free and one, part of your sisters Premium Family Plan. It's likely that the free one which was logged in on the phone was created with another email address. We recommend that you go through the steps in this Spotify Answer in order to locate both of them.


Afterwards you can use this guide to transfer your music collection to the one you decide to keep.


Hope this helps. Keep us posted on how it goes.  

Mihail Moderator
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