Manage playlist downloads

Manage playlist downloads

I will start saying that for some reason i can't post this in the "ideas" section!


I have a premium plan and this annoys me and i can't be the only one, so if any of you could post this for me or make this reach to anyone who cares, would be appreciated.


I'm subscribed to some playlists and i don't like one or another music, as a premium user i should be able to choose what musics i want to download without having to create another playlist. 


It's a simple feature, make it happen i don't want to choose 30+ musics one by one, wen i can simply chose one in 30+ that i don't want...


 Have the same layout and the same option to download the entire playlist, and the musics in the playlist on the 3 dots add an option to remove the download for that music only 

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