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My local files are not showing

My local files are not showing







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The problem started today. I was moving my MP3 files to another folder in my computer, and I saw some duplicated musics in my Local Files. I decided to deactivate the Local Files in the Preferences of my account and reactivate, selecting the new folder which my musics were, but then the Spotify app didn't detected any of them. I've been searching and trying almost every solution posted in this forum and anothers, and I wasn't able to fix this.


One of the solutions told me to delete every aftermath of the Spotify app in my computer and my cellphone, clear everything, then reinstall. Done that, my deception was even bigger: now my cellphone don't recognize local files too.


All my local files are in MP3 format, and I didn't change nothing besides the location on my computer. In my cellphone, I just deleted everything and reinstalled the Spotify app, nothing else, and my files disappeard from the app.


Being sure of yours attention, I await the returning.


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Hey folks!


Welcome to the Community 🙂


A clean reinstall is always recommended, as it can help with any cache issues on your account. Also, having your device's make, model, exact OS version and Spotify version would come in handy. 


@Stivanin, if you're still unable to sync your Local Files, you can check this article for more info on how to do it again.


@fefa94, could you let us know which troubleshooting steps you've tried? We'd also suggest to take a look at the article above in case you haven't been able to sync the Local Files.


We'll be on the lookout for your reply.

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