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New UI is utter trash

New UI is utter trash






Samsung Galaxy A11

Operating System

Android 10


The Subject line says it all pretty much. The New UI is **bleep**. It's annoying to navigate, the unified list is a clusterfork and a huge mess, the sorting methods are lacking, and the loss of screen realestate is pathetic and sad.

The biggest issue that I have with the update in its entirety, is the loss of the "Sort by update" feature. I don't know if that's what it was called, all I know is that it showed me which podcasts had updated recently, and it was incredibly useful when letting episodes build up to binge later. Now there's this annoying to navigate little box called "New Episodes" that I have to select to even see what recently updated. God forbid a podcast has a lapse in it's schedule and doesn't update for a month or two, and is now lost forever in the torrent of episodes from multiple podcasts all crammed into one single list.

Just bring back the old UI, the new one is horrible and whoever designed it should feel bad with the way it's designed. If I didn't have family actively using spotify still I'd cancel my premium, 16$ a month isn't worth this disgusting eyesore of a UI.

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There are sooo many things wrong with the new UI it's crazy, like some new intern just threw ideas together how to make it look "nicer" for people who are used to phone ui (which also got worse with the recent updates). It's not even just visually worst which I wouldn't even care about.

-Why do I have to go to "my library" and then to artists now instead of just always having it on the side, same with albums
-Why remove the permanent search-bar on top
-When I click on an artist tab I have songs saved off I want to see the saved songs, not the whole artist page and then have to go to my saved songs
-When I click the play button on an artist in my library, I want it to play the songs I have saved not random songs from the artist, if I want to listen to other songs from the artist I'll go to the artists page

And that's just the newest update, even the ones before also made it more annoying to use in more minor ways

Yes, my desktop just updated to New UI and I really can not navigate it. It is very different from the original and makes me want to not use it because of how hard it is. Not to mention that it is simply not better looking.

Complete and utter trash. Listen to your users and stop pushing garbage onto us. Your updates are suppose to give us a better experience and if you actually read people's feedback, it's been the opposite of that. I normally never post on these forums, but this UI update was actually so bad I had to come and tell you guys how trash it is.

Agreed, I feel like I've had 'Spotify for the elderly' pushed upon me; huge icons and remove any features that may confuse the over 70s...
We pay for this, so can the people at Spotify please listen and reinstate that which was not broken?
Thank you!

I would like go back to the previous UI.

Hey folks, 


Thanks for sharing your feedback here on the Community. 


We're constantly aiming to improve the app and the best way to achieve this is by regular updates. These could include new features or current feature improvements, but also change the app's design and looks over time. 


If you want to share your feedback about the new design or get the latest info on its functionalities, we suggest you head to this thread in our Community Blog. Here you can get in touch with our Desktop team and discuss the topic with other users. 


Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any questions. 

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