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Playlist keeps restarting from the first song without prompting - why?

Playlist keeps restarting from the first song without prompting - why?

When playing a song from a playlist (no matter where in the playlist the song is ordered), the play queue seems to reset back to the very start of the playlist. If I leave the Play Queue window open, I can see it reset by itself without my having touched anything. It started happening intermittently a couple of weeks ago, but has worsened and is now happening almost every single time a song plays. It's happening on most playlists (and Liked Songs) rather than on any one in particular.
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Hey there!

To help troubleshoot, could you please let me know what device this problem is occurring on?



Have the same problem here- iphone IOS 16.1.1

Does it only happen on your phone, or does it happen on the Web Player or Desktop apps?

Happens to me too on multiple playlists. 

Same issue on Samsung Galaxy S20. Just started happening.

Hey folks!


It seems to me that you're experiencing this issue we have under investigation.
Could you take a look & confirm?
If this is the case, we'd encourage you to post the required info in the thread & to subscribe to it to stay on top of any new updates.


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This is an ongoing problem that I have as well, it resets and starts to play the first song in the playlist. It doesn’t matter what song or how long down i decide to listen, after the song is finished it resets the queue from the beginning

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