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Problem: Can't change pic of my playlist

Problem: Can't change pic of my playlist






(iPhone X, Iphone 6s)

Operating System

(iOS 10, Windows 10)


My Question or Issue

I cannot change the picture of my playlist. I have searched through questions related to the issue but it doesn't help. When I click on the pic of the playlist nothing happenes the option to change the pic just doesnt appear. I tried on 2 phones (Iphone X, Iphone 6s, also on desktop (Windows 10). Is this a temporary bug? How can I fix it? Many thanks for help

7 Replies

Hi SassySis,


Thanks for posting in the Spotify Community.


Neither the app on the phone nor the webplayer support changing the picture of a playlist, unfortunately. Only the Spotify Desktop app does. Make sure to download the app on your Desktop and you should be able to change the pic of your playlist.


Hope this helps.

Unfortunatelly this doesn't work and tried both on Windows and OSX desktops...:(

Try to delete the app and download it again.
Also check that the Desktop app is updated.

Just did that for like 3rd time and it doesn't change anything...aaaaaaaaaa:(

I've found this thread  and it seems he has the same problem.


It looks like you are currently part of a test that Spotify is currently running with it's desktop experience. 


Right now, it's not possible to opt-out of these tests however if your not happy with the new experience I'd recommend adding a +VOTE here to show your interest to Spotify to returning back to what you had previously.


Hope this helps.


Thank you! Just voted.

You're welcome!

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