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Random songs added to "Liked Songs"

Random songs added to "Liked Songs"






Desktop and Samsung Galaxy S9+

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Windows 10, unsure of mobile


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I've always had this issue, but never been bothered enough to do anything about it and ended up just making a playlist instead. However, I would now like to somehow fix how random songs are somehow added to my Liked Songs list. I've tried changing my password, so it must not be that someone else is on my account. This is also the only unusual activity on the account.


In shorter terms, my Liked Songs list has random songs added to it frequently without me doing anything. Am I merely misunderstanding the point of this feature?



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Hey @JovialJem ,


Welcome to the Community!


The songs will only be added to your library once you like or save them. You can check out this Spotify Answer to get to know the new Your Library better.


Just in case, I recommend you read this article and make sure you follow all of the steps there in order to make sure your account is protected. There's a possibility that someone may have access to it if you're sure you never saved those songs.


Let me know how you get on 🙂



I have the same issue but have not listened to or liked any songs. This has happened over night while i have not used Spotify but now have 82 added songs to my liked songs list and also folowing playlists as well.


Can we get this sorted please?


Thank you.

Hello. My apologies, I wasn't notified of any response to the post and only just came back to check manually.


There has been no successful fix on my end, even after changing my password again

Hey @user-removed and thanks for getting back to us @JovialJem!


We'll gladly help out further.


Just to confirm, besides the password change, have you also tried to go to your account page and click SIGN OUT EVERYWHERE?


While you're on that page you can also go to ''Apps'' in the menu on the left side and check if there are any third party apps listed that you don't recognize and make sure to "Remove Access" for those.


Hope you'll find this info useful. Just give us a shout in case you have any other concerns.

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  • No because this happens every time I long into Spotify (like once a year) a bunch of shitty ass song the app keeps promoting or something. THE SONGS ARE SHITT LIKE STOP ITS YOUR APP

Hi. Similar issue for me which I have just posted. 22/05/21:-

Random songs appear in the LIKED song list of some, but weirdly, not all, of the artists I follow. So I can not therefore listen to the songs I have specified without interruption from songs I have not selected. 


This undermines the practicality of the app if you spend time, and I have spent years, collating songs you like. The idea of following artists and the songs you have “liked” appearing under the artists you have followed  specific page is a good one, as it saves having to make Artist Playlists of your own, but and I mean BUT, only if it works. And it does not work. 

For example under the LIKED songs tab in my following David Bowie page 86 songs appear, only 30 of which I have liked ( they have a green heart, the others do not ). I can not therefore listen to my selected songs uninterrupted by random Bowie songs. 

This needs to be sorted ASAP


Quote “The songs will only be added to your library once you like or save them.” - This is clearly not the case. Random songs are added to the songs I have liked of the artists I follow which undermines the realms to both like a song or follow an artist. 

Hi there folks,


Thank you for your posts here in this thread.


Can you let us know which troubleshooting steps you've taken that's been provided in the thread so that we can continue to assist you the best way.


We'll be on the lookout for your replies.


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Live, love, laugh and listen to music 🙂

I have tried everything but random songs still infiltrate the liked songs in my followed artists. To be clear these random songs do not appear with a heart symbol, they don’t appear to have any reason to be there. In one followed artist I have only LIKEDa dozen songs or less and yet there are over 90 songs in the liked list. Bizarre and undermines the use of Spotify.

Yours Sincerely

Timothy Clements

Hey @timtimclem,


Thanks for keeping us in the loop.


In this case we'd suggest you head here and contact our support team. The folks there can check your account and give you more information about it.


We'll be right here if you have any questions.

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So far I am getting pretty unhelpful responses from a variety of different Spotify staff with no coherent response. Despite supplying screen shots I have been told it can’t be happening as it is not happening for them. The best response was it was “expected behaviour” from Spotify for LIKED song lists to have random songs appear for no reason, songs that can not be deleted even if I had the time and energy to delete hundred of songs in all the playlists. 

I will wait to  see if there is at least one helpful member of the team. I thin like Spotify would do well to remember all the money and time we have put into the app. If not I will be closing the account. 

Hey @timtimclem,


We've chased up on your case and understand it has been forwarded to our top tier specialists.


We hope their explanation of how the liked songs playlist differs from the number of liked songs shown on an artist profile has been useful to understand what is happening and also apologize from our end that we got confused about this initially.


We can also add that the current way the playlist sorting should work is that the app tries to "predict" which playlist you want a track added to, with playlists that you've used recently or have similar tracks being shown first. We do understand that this might not always be ideal and there are scenarios where an alphabetical sorting would be better. We are tracking ideas on the matter and will raise this with the internal teams.


Rest assured that the way your case was handled has also been taken note of and will not pass by without consequences. Measures will be taken to improve the experience in the future.


Let us know if there's anything else we can do for you.


All the best,

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Just FYI, it's 2022 and the issue is still present. I was thinking to upgrade to premium, but because it's still not fixed... I'm not doing it.

I am having the same shitty issue. Right now it shows that I have listened to **bleep** songs which I haven't. I only added one song to my liked song playlist yesterday. Before that, it added all **bleep** songs to it. I have done everything. But this is messed up. I hear Apple Music doesn't have these issues. Seems like a good time to switch.

I don’t have this issue anymore. I deleted the unwanted ones and it’s been on since. One thing that can trip you up is if you “like” an album, all the individual songs on the album will appear on your song likes list even though they have no “like” symbol.

My songs are not from music or artistes I listen to.

Hey, Edward. That's exactly the same issue I was having 5 years ago when I made this post. Sadly, Tim is right. It just one day stopped happening

Thanks. I hope it will stop cos it's gonna seriously affect my 2024 Wrapped if it doesn't. As it is, it's showing that Luces Tenues by Anuel AA was my most listened to song this month! I had to Google who and what that is / was. I listen to Adrienne Lenker, Big Thief, Sabbath, Bowie and stuff like that, not latin rap.

Weird that it's your most listened song this month. Sounds like a greater issue than just random songs being Liked. Sounds like someone else actually is using your account

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