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Recently played artists not mine

Recently played artists not mine







(Macbook Pro, Huawei mate 20)


Operating System

(macOS Mojave, Android 9 (Pie, customized with EMUI 9.1.0).)



I am experiencing for a few months some strange activity in my account.


Some artists which I never listened to are being listed in my "Recently played" feed. 

I already changed my password, removed all third party application permissions and logged out from all devices and it still happening.


All these artists have a similar pattern: they are not mainstream, have just a few singles and belong to the Brazilian "sertanejo" genre.




When I click in the "Recently played" tab, these artists are not there.



Is it some AB test? A new kind of advertisement? 

Please, can someone explain to me were this activity come from? 

Is it a lack of security in my account?


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Use the log out all devices feature on spotifys main page and change your password

Hi @erlancarvalho


It's good to know that you've already taken some steps. However, it's better to open the password reset form in a private/incognito window, and choose a strong password you haven't used before.

Then you can go to your account page and click SIGN OUT EVERYWHERE again. 


It's also strongly advised that you change the password for:

  • The email address associated with your Spotify account (e.g. with Gmail, Hotmail, etc.)
  • Any Facebook profile associated with your Spotify account. You can make sure you're the only one currently logged into your Facebook in your Facebook Settings, under Security and login > Where You’re Logged In.
  • Any service where you use the same password as Spotify.

If the issue persists, you can reach out to Customer Support.

You can find the contact form here


I hope it helps!

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