Release Radar includes wrong artist with same name as desired artist


Release Radar includes wrong artist with same name as desired artist


I constantly find my Release Radar recommending songs by an artist (say A) with the same name as an artist (say A') that I might actually wanna listen to. This is extremely dumb as an issue because these two artists are listed as genuinely different artists in Spotify and the newly recommended song by a wrong artist is listed as a song of A' in the system. A reasonable conclusion is that at least Release Radar does not look into the artist IDs but just merely refers to their names. This happens to like 5 different artists to me and my Release Radar is contaminated by songs which I have absolutely no interest in. I believe this is a very basic bug that can be fixed in like 5 minutes.


Here's an as short as possible version of a previous post in this thread, explaining the behavior of the Release Radar.


  • I receive tracks from artists I don't follow at all in my Release Radar - This is intended and we don't plan on changing this. The Release Radar doesn't only help you keep track of artists you follow, but is meant to allow you to discover new music from others we think you might enjoy. It is also one way for Spotify to help artists get their music noticed.


  • I get music that I don't enjoy at all in my Release Radar - This means our algorithm doesn't know your music taste so well. There can be many reasons behind this, but the rule of thumb to improve the music you receive in the automatically generated playlists for you is to listen to music without a private session, use the like and hide features, have more intentional music listening habits rather than opportunity based and when you discover something new that you enjoy, listen to it proportionally more than other content. Following these guidelines should give you better recommendations in time. It will still not be perfect and it can vary from person to person, but we're constantly improving these as we go.


  • I get tracks from artists that are named exactly the same as ones I follow and enjoy, but it turns out the track is unrelated to that artist and they only have the same name. - This happens if a track initially gets erroneously uploaded to the artist you follow. It can be that the error is already corrected by the time your Release Radar updates, but it already captured the track on its upload. It can happen with featured artists as well. Currently, there's no technical solution in place than can prevent errors like this happening, as we rely on submitted metadata. If you spot an incorrect content, it's best to report it as described here. Make sure your report is clear. If you can't find an artist profile with the same name as the one you follow, it probably hasn't been created yet and is part of the reason the error occurred. Point that out in your report to ensure it can be processed efficiently.
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3 wrong instances this week:


Stoner band Sleep is not guesting on this track.



Postrock band Mono is not guesting on this track.



Recommended by the name only, not artist ID.


For me most of the wrong recommendations comes from guest artists. Maybe that is a hint why this system fails so often.

And I've reported the issues to customer services already.


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That the guest artists seem to be especially problematic is actually a good point. While I don't remember how it was the last weeks, this week in fact all wrong artists are guest/secondary artists at my end.

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Certainly, here goes an example from this week's Release Radar.

In this song spotify:track:3BSvorWi4njibwpY8y7KER
the artist points to one of my liked artists spotify:artist:4byuw0pyzVNeEONKcPIpAA which is no the author of the song.


Wrong Wray, the Wray I want have an album called Stream of Youth.

Wrong Hum. I want the 90's band Hum who just released an album called Inlet.




Every week there's stuff in there that shouldn't be

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Still an issue today..America, the great band of the 70's has not produced any new music that I am aware of, yet this is the second week a single has shown up in my Release Radar that is in a foreign language. 

Non-America song.jpg
America credits.jpg
America about page with another incorrect single.jpg


Why the **bleep** have Spotify mods marked this as 'solved' when its still a problem, for goodness sake.


You say you've passed it on to the tech team? Well near six months later and it's not fixed yet, so its not solved.


Hey @Katerina,

Marking this post as a solution wasn't probably the appropriate action: 4 months after your reply, this unique id issue is still not fixed.

I'm new on the community platform however I don't see how it made the post more visible for other users since they would look into "Ongoing issues"... To have a better idea of how much the solution is asked by users, if I search for "Release Radar" topics with "Ongoing issue" tag, as of today this post would rank 22 on 95 based on the number of likes (not even sure results are all related to Release Radar but it's an other subject...)

So I understand Release Radar might not be high priority at Spotify, this issue even less, but please: it's harfmul for artists to no reach their audience and it messes up with our user experience for us who are eager to listen to our favourite artists new releases, don't add more complication by misleading us in our search for a solution.

Have a great day!


Currently dealing with release a song through UnitedMasters but my song is under another artist as the same name as me. Please help

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another unwanted present and hi-jacked artists from the Release Radar.

Fans of Stars Of The Lid, Discovery, Bryan John Appleby etc. artists are so pleased with this new Compilation by Moveek  appearing in their weekly release radar playlists...



Spotify - please stop this mess.




Hi Katerina,

Replying to you since I can't seem to post a comment directly to this thread.
I got in contact with support like you suggested and they recommended I uninstall, clear the cache, and reinstall Spotify across all my devices (Two Windows 10 Desktops, an Ubuntu Linux Laptop, and an Android Phone). 

I reached out to them with an additional question but they have yet to respond, so I'm seeking some help or clarity in this thread. Do I have to do a reinstall on every device at once to attempt to resolve this issue?

Or can I, for example, just do a reinstall on my Android phone and see if the Release Radar stops showing wrong artists with similar names but wrong Spotify Artist IDs?


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I'm sorry but that resolution doesn't make any sense. Release Radar is based on the artists you follow with your Spotify profile and does not have anything to do with local storage/caching. It will update every week regardless if you have the app installed on your desktop, phone or don't even have it installed. They really should be looking further into this issue

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It doesn't seem this issue is on a top priority list for spotify team hence I guess we need to live with it somehow. Unfortunately I had to unfollow a whole bunch of artists like North as it is never been looked into or improved even after reporting the issue. Reportin by itself is a convoluted buerocracy with no feedback - feels like shouting into an empty well.

My Release Radar is now contaminated even more than it was half a year ago!

One of the top reccomendations was spotify:track:76WDFaMU5rnbgd74mcEIYH

(unrelated Halo + other-North hijacking my favorites )

Check the mess on North's popular list (as I said been reported a while ago):





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Annotation 2020-07-01 104356.png

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Another case of the Release Radar weird behaviour.
I've got "RoSETTA" artist on the recommended list which I never liked or added it to my favorites:
But I defintely have another "Rosetta" in my favorites - which is a totally different artist with its own separate artist page
Wondering whether Release Radar playlist compliation logic is so rudimetrary simple that it allows such dumb non-case-sensitive matches?


"If you come across this issue in the future, the best way to report this is by reaching out to us here." Where do you want me to report it?  The "here" link takes me to the generic support page, which suggests I report it to the community.  If I select "contact us" instead, it gives me a list of possible subjects.  If I pick "feedback," which seems most appropriate, it again sends me to the community.


I've already reported the problem to the community.


I've also had this issue for a while, like my current release radar; four songs unavailable, and songs by unrelated doppelgangers of Low, Sparks, Santana and ELO in just one playlist.

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This happens for me as well. It seems like the logic only uses string matches which means if some random artist creates a profile under the name "Beyoncé", they will appear in the release radar for the millions of people following the real "Beyoncé" artist. Here's an actual example with pictures:


The song that appeared in Release RadarThe song that appeared in Release RadarSkjermbilde 2020-03-30 kl. 16.16.46.png

The artist I'm actually followingThe artist I'm actually following


Hey folks,


Thanks for reporting this issue to us. We've now gone ahead and reported it to the right team who will look into it.


Note: If you notice that a song appears under the wrong Artist profile, then this needs to be reported separately as a content error. Make sure to check out this support article for more info on how to do that.


If you're experiencing the issue as described in the original post, make sure to provide us with relevant examples, including:

  • Spotify URI of the artist you follow/are expecting to see in your Release Radar
  • Spotify URI of the artist you see instead of the expected one in your Release Radar

Thanks! We'll let you know as soon as we have any further updates on this.

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100% - Just saw a first example of I think someone abusing this - some rando artist by the name "Howlin' Wolf" who must surely be getting insanely boosted due to the name overlap:


Device - Macbook pro 
OS version - Mojave 10.14.6
Spotify version -

Two cases of this in my release radar today, and this is not the first time. 

Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 10.43.11 AM.png

Anthony Green should be:
But now I am seeing this other Anthony Green album showing on this Anthony Green page that I listen to. You can see it listed at the top of the "new releases". Not the same artist. 


Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 10.46.54 AM.png
Lydia should be:

You can also see this song from this other artist is also now showing on this Lydia page in new releases. 

TBH I love spotify and have had it for years now, but this drives me crazy. Please do a better job at keeping artists with the same name separate