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Release Radar needs to take functionality from Beatport, get the note pad out!

Release Radar needs to take functionality from Beatport, get the note pad out!

I use Beatport for new tracks from the artists that I follow. But I'm looking for a way I can do the exact same thing but on Spotify, because you can listen to the full version rather than just clips, and the player itself is a lot nicer. 


So I've just discovered the Release Radar, but doesn't seem like it's anywhere near as good for keeping up to date with your artists tracks as it is on Beatport...


My first issue is that the list is finite. On Beatport, you can scroll through every single new release in chronological order. The list never changes, it just updates with more new tracks from just your artists. The algorithm is way more simple and way more effective. Why are Spotify over complicating it?


Second issue, in the release radar list, you get 1 track from an entire new release EP/LP/Album? What? Why? I want to see all of my new releases from the artists I follow. If it's showing me just 1 track from an entire LP, how am I going to know there's more?


And lastly, the list deletes after a week! Love how the description for Release Radar is "Never miss a new track" yet ironically, you're deleting the new tracks that I want to listen to.


All I want is a "My Beatport" equivalent, where every single new track that gets released from the artists I follow, is added to the top of a list in chronological order. So if I'm behind in finding new tunes, I can still catch up easily because the list is there and never changes. Is that too much to ask? Seems like Spotify are trying to run before they can walk.



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Hi there @Lewball

thanks for reaching out to the community !


The release radar playlist is a part of the "Made For You" section of the app which you can read and learn all about here.


Furthermore, if you hold an idea/suggestion/improvement you wish to raise, the community has a great section called "Ideas".


You can view the section, then use this Spotify Answer to learn how to post your idea correctly.

With this up and running, users around the community can add their +VOTE and comment to promote your idea.


Spotify takes its users feedback very seriously.

If you're having any doubts on if and how your feedback reaches Spotify factors, feel free to read all about it here.


Hope this shed some light.

Let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

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