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Shuffle not working, broken, bugged

Shuffle not working, broken, bugged






(Oneplus 8T, PS4)

Operating System

(Oxygen OS, PS4 Version 9.00, Windows 10, )


My Question or Issue


Changed and edited a lot in this post:


Shuffler is bugged and really likes to play a certain amount of songs in my liked songs, and those are the ones that ive listened to quite a lot in 2019 and 2020. Be it on my PC, Smartphone, PS4,

The majority now of my recently liked songs is rap and they new songs that i havent quite listened a lot to like 1 or 3 times only, mainly because i wasn't getting recommended by any new songs from shuffler because of the damn algorithm. As of now its about 5:1 ratio with the old ones being the lesser number but no matter what its always the priority and majority when being the ones to be chosen to be played next. Some of my new songs seems to need to have fight their way in about each slot. I dont use much spotify now and it seems the only way to fix this is to consume a lot of that same genre all over and over again, which is not practical as what it should be is to just give me a next song based on the genre of what i was playing before, but now spotify did so much to the algorithm that it is purely unbearingly unbearable. like bro music tastes, moods changes too you cant put me back in 2019

Now what i think is preferences and favoritism of music is somewhat tied to the creator/owner of the playlist. or hardware. might just be? i dont know.

As I tried creating a new account, tried on 2 test accounts given by chat support, all goes the same route by having favoritism of my old songs inside that playlist.

Wanted to test it out and sent that playlist to a chat support and i said if you could shuffle and screenshot me those queue as i want to see if my own old songs is the ones also being favored to play on their PC. Interestingly enough after i sent my playlist she said that she could not make a screenshot because of legal reasons on their end. Which that was not what we agreed upon, and couldve said it before hand. As i really wanted to know and end this once and for all if my preferences of songs does in any way shape or form affects her shuffler in that playlist to pick my old songs. I asked if she could type it in text to which she agreed to but what she sent is what the literally the 1st to 80th that playlist and replied that the shuffler does not work on her end. This might be irrelevant information but i included it nonetheless. 

I also tried turning off autoplay as another chat support told me it only affects when "end of an album, playlist, or selection of songs," and so i turned it off and to my suprise when i checked the queue it has more a favoritism of my old songs.

My fault as Autoplay is not purely explained on the app and only says "plays similar songs when your music ends" and my thinking to that is obvsly the next song will be factored by what song im listening to now

Screenshot 2021-10-06 053209.png


Now i asked if there is a feature like what autoplay says here on the app. To which he never answered me and neither 2 of the agents after. I badly wanna know because i dont want to hear jorja smith 3 times in the span of 1st to 15th songs in the queue bc if i clicked on carti  i obvsly only wanna listen to uzi, chocise and whatnot.

if that isnt a feature it would be fine but to have the shuffler focused on my old songs over and over again, thats madness.



Haven't tried Spotify on windows store again since its relatively known buggy.
PC, Phone, PS4 all suffer from it no matter what account.

EDIT: uninstalled spotify once again and logged in again to the tests accounts and my new account and both still the same

Things that i tried
⦁ Tried turning on and off autoplay while playing and not playing a song, tried closing Spotify with autoplay on and off, tried with a vpn on and off both on pc and my phone, Expressvpn is what I'm using. Haven't messed with proxy. tried clean uninstall and install instructions on your website still not working and with my vpn off if that helps.


I'm using Facebook as my Spotify login and and Facebook data is turned off. Should i try to turn it on and off?


My Spotify Account on "Apps"
"Apps with access to your Spotify information"
⦁ PlayStation®Network
⦁ Shazam
Should i remove access of them both?

⦁ Spotify for Windows 1.1.**bleep**.612.gb7409abc
⦁ PS4 System Software 9.00
⦁ PS4 Spotify Version 3.72
⦁ Android 11 and Oxygen OS
⦁ Android Spotify Version


My PC Information
⦁ Device ID Is it safe to disclose this in a public forum? or do you even need it.
⦁ Product ID Also this
⦁ System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
⦁ Edition Windows 10 Pro
⦁ Version 21H1
⦁ Installed on ‎9/‎4/‎2021
⦁ OS build 19043.1237
⦁ Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3530.0
⦁ Got windows on
⦁ Btw windows isn't activated and no plans in future since moolah tight, might do an OF soon jk... unless? 😳
⦁ And pretty sure malware isn't causing it since I'm scanning my pc with Kaspersky every few weeks and real time protection is on.



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Hi there @snoopy__snoopy,


Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Community!


To confirm, if we understood correctly, when shuffling your Liked songs, it shuffles certain songs more often than others, or is it the Autoplay feature not being diverse enough? In any case, it's best to focus on one thing at a time and take it step by step to avoid mix-ups.


Just to clarify, even though we'll try and provide some insights, we moderators won't be able to change how shuffle works.


We'll be looking out for your reply.

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lets just forget the autoplay thing and just focus on the shuffle, my shuffle only plays certain songs that ive listened to the past in the library of my liked songs or even if i transfer the ones that get played to a new playlist, it is still the ones being chosen, be it im in my own account on my phone, chromebook, pc, ps4, all the same. i tried logging in your 2 test account and tried my public playlist on that account on my pc and still it chooses still a majority of my old songs, even though i have a lot of new songs mostly rap it only gets in quite a few when i check my queue. 

Hey @snoopy__snoopy,


Thanks for your reply.


Could you let us know how many songs you have in your Liked Songs playlist? We'd also like to know if the songs that are played more often are more at the beginning or at the end of the playlist, and which sorting you're using.


Keep us posted.

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My liked songs has 703 songs. the ones played often are the ones i listened to the most back in 2019. 


i have a new playlist created like last month ago consisted of all rap songs from song radios rappers. now that playlist i have some liked songs there and also those liked songs i listened to heavily just like this past few weeks. now when i listen to that playlist the queue i only get those songs. all the time. i dont get other rap songs in there unless i turn off shuffle then change order to name, and THAT IS THE ONLY way i can get a somewhat a shuffle. 


your shuffler sucks so bad should just remove it. at this point its not even a feature but merely a bug that affects the listeners listening experience.


what is the fix for this? im actually malding i want to fix this. can i get a confirmation if creating a new account, transferring my playlist to that new account will fix it? 


Hi there @snoopy__snoopy,


Thanks for the reply.


The shuffle algorithm prioritizes songs, which you tend to listen to more often and are either liked or recently saved to your library. 


We'd recommend splitting up large playlists in smaller ones. This way you'll get a better shuffle experience.


We can't guarantee that a new account will help you get more randomized shuffle.


Hope this info helps.

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