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Song liked twice. Unlike one, both gone

Song liked twice. Unlike one, both gone








Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

I have several occurences of the same song liked twice. When I unlike one, both are unliked and removed from my library.

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Hi @Pollert,


Thanks for the reply.


The issue might be coming from the fact that you were able to add the same song to a playlist at one point without getting the duplicate notification. In this case the tracks were most likely one and the same, rather than two different releases of the same song.


It would be great if you can check your playlists for more duplicated songs and send us the exact links/ URIs to the tracks so that we can check if they are the same or different releases.



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I have not had time to find duplicates of the exact same track, but I have easily found the following pairs of what should be the same song, but are different tracks.


Brotherhood of the snake - Testament



Hey @Pollert,


Thanks for the info 🙂


This could indeed happen and should go away at some point when the app is fully supported and up-to-date.


You can turn on the automatic updates with these steps.


It's also a good idea to try these steps and run a clean reinstall. This one is also more thorough than the usual one. 


We'd recommend that you also keep the firmware up-to-date.


Hope this helps. If you need anything else, the Community is here for you.

Ver Moderator
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Thank you. 


Are you sure you answered in the correct thread? I have this issue on all platforms. It seems to be a data issue, not an app issue.


I tried reinstalling and all firmware is up to date.

Hi @Pollert,


Thank you for your reply!


@Ver's reply is correct, but let me elaborate it a little more.


We've seen this issue in the past. However, there's no pattern as to how it happens and because of this, it always gets fixed by itself.


This is why we suggest you always make sure to keep your app updated so you don't miss any fixes or new features. 


Don't hesitate to reach out again if you have questions.


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This issue still exists.
I can see it for so many artists, I have it for hundreds of songs, it's really annoying not to be able to see in the artist popular songs page which songs you've already liked in the past.

Only option to see the songs you previously liked is to go to the "liked songs" page for the artist. And you will see the songs duplicated if you then re-liked the song from the "new" duplicated albums.

If you then unlike the old version of the song, it will unlike both versions.
But if you unlike only the new version, the old version will remain in the list of liked songs. 


Both the old and current versions are identified with the same ID since they both display the same number of plays, so it shouldn't be very complicated to fix this big issue...

I’m having this same issue.

It's really unsatisfactory this is (still) an issue.

I'm having this problem with loads of songs and it's really annoying. It's never clear if I "liked" a song or not and the heart sometimes is there, sometimes it isn't. The library really shouldn't be this broken.


Just look at this.

spotify dup.png

This is definitely still a bug. I have just found duplicates in my liked songs list.

Should I do a test removal to see if it removes both?


So I deleted the S4 song from Feb 21, and the other one remained. So I guess the bug of both being deleted is gone, but there must still be a bug that allows you to like a song multiple times. I don't know how, perhaps one was in the app and one on desktop?

They are not technically the same song. They refer to different objects. Tracks can have multiple links to other instances of the same track on different (or reuploaded) albums, and you are able to click like on both (or all; there can be arbitrary many). The request is, or should be, to fix the display so liking any track in a set of linked tracks displays as your having liked any of them, wherever they are linked.


This is super obvious for tracks that are duplicated on singles where an EP or album is released later that contains the same track. You see it a lot for compilations, too. The number same of streams for the track is displayed in all places it appears, but likes do not propagate the same way.

This issue definitely still isn't resolved, several years later... it's absurd.  Additionally, please stop marking issues as "solved" when the bug has merely been identified, not fixed!

I agree. The problem persists.


I have several duplicates in my liked collection. If i unlike one, I have go find the song and like it again. Stupid.

Do something spotify! srsly. This is emberrassing

These spotify dudes dont seem very legendary to me 🤷

Had this issue for years now, what I remembered most was when it happened with stones throw releases.

pls fix

Same problem. I don't know why they don't fix it. It's not only a problem of consolidate duplicates. You can't go to the artist page and listen only the ones you like because the songs will repeat because of this, it's not confortable at all. So you have to create a playlist for your artist favorites. I'm starting of getting tired of this.


Here are some examples: 



I just gave a like once to the albums and songs listed here. So it's not like a common mistake that you liked a Remaster album or super deluxe album, not my human error.


Plus, in this example, Genesis only shows one version of his albums in their artist page. And as you can see not all the songs are likes repited. So I don't know why those songs appered on my likes.


But this happen with others too. As an example Ozzy's Blizzard of Ozz. I just liked the regular version and I did not gave likes to the super deluxe 40 anniversary edition because I like to listen the standard version of albums. And I avoid that too because I know Spotify tends to repeat the songs on the likes. I know it's not the same root of the song. I know it's not the same "name of the song (2024 remaster) than "name of the song (1994 remaster)" and so on...


But in this cases I don't know why Spotify keeps repeating the songs. As I said I did not gave a "like" to the same song on a different album, as in the Ozzy example, and I did only gave a "like" to the only versions that appears on the Genesis artist page, (Duke and Invisible Touch on the example) and there shows two versions of the same album.




This little this are really making me upset. 


@Ver, can this community post be renewed or something?


And yes, I have done my chaché cleaning, updates checked, and clear restart.

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